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Clearing Up the Falsehoods About False Teeth

There was a time when wearing dentures meant days of discomfort and limited food choices followed by nights of soaking them by the bedside. Not so anymore. Great strides have been made in the field of dental prosthetics, and today’s custom-made dentures are far more comfortable and require far fewer sacrifices that those of previous generations.

Proper-fitting, affordable quality dentures will make your smile more beautiful, in addition to improving your quality of life and confidence.

Here are five benefits of wearing affordable quality dentures:

Decaying or rotten teeth are removed so that your mouth is returned to a healthier state.
You’ll be able to eat the foods you enjoy with more ease.
You’ll be able to speak more clearly, like you did with your natural teeth.
You’ll be able to smile confidently and enjoy life to the fullest.
Dentures help to keep facial muscles from sagging, which makes you look older.
The four main types of affordable quality dentures are:

Complete dentures replace all of your own teeth. They can be upper or lower teeth or a complete set.
Immediate dentures are put into place right after tooth extractions. They act as a temporary set while your bone and tissue stabilize.
Overdentures are used when one or more of your natural teeth are left. The remaining teeth are used for support and provide greater stability for chewing.
Partial dentures are used to correct the gaps in your teeth when only some of your natural teeth are missing.
To learn about the affordable denture options available to you in Florida, call today at or make an appointment.

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