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If you have one or more teeth that are in very poor condition due to injury, neglect or trauma, then restorative dental treatment can help you regain the appearance and function of your teeth. This is beneficial to you for several reasons. For instance, your teeth are important to your overall health as well as to your appearance, and they are important to your digestive system because chewing is the first step in the digestive process. Teeth also help to maintain the structural integrity of your jaw. A beautiful smile can enhance your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence. If you need a tooth filling, a tooth crown or a tooth bridge in Florida, call one of our offices and schedule an appointment. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, affordable dentistry to our patients so call us today.

What’s the Purpose of a Tooth Filling?

When a tooth develops decay, also known as a cavity, it erodes the enamel. If left unattended, the decay can extend into the root and possibly cause you to lose your tooth. When your dentist in Florida fills your tooth, the area will first be cleaned and the decayed portion removed. The filling will stop the spread of decay and enable you to keep your tooth. Several filling options are available and your dentist will discuss your options with you during your appointment at our Florida office, so call us today at one of our offices.

What Are Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Used For?

Crowns and bridges are permanent installations that restore function and aesthetics to damaged teeth and they’re not intended to be removed. Rather, they are installed with a high bond cement that only your dentist can remove. Crowns for teeth are sometimes referred to as dental caps because they cap the entire tooth down to the gumline. Crowns are used when the damage or decay covers an area that’s too large to accommodate a filling. Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth and they’re anchored to the teeth on either side, or they’re anchored by implants, depending on the location of the missing teeth. If you need a tooth bridge or tooth crown, call one of our offices in Florida and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and schedule you for a consultation with a dentist.

Do I Need to See a Specialist for Bridges, Crowns, and Fillings?

All of the dentists in our office in Florida can install bridges, crowns, and fillings. In the event you need a special procedure, such as a complicated root canal, your dentist in Florida will refer you to a local specialist who can help you. All of our dentists are adept at general dentistry and happy to provide care in normal situations. Call one of our offices if you have more questions or need to schedule a consultation.

Are Crowns, Bridges, and Dental Fillings Expensive?

We know that cost is always a factor in getting dental care so we strive to keep our costs as low as possible while still providing high-quality dentistry to our patients. The cost of each procedure is unique to the individual and will be influenced by the type of treatment you need, the materials used, any additional dental issues that are present, and your insurance benefits. During your initial appointment, your dentist in Florida will examine your teeth and gums and then provide you with a detailed cost estimate so that you know exactly what your tooth filling cost, dental crown cost or dental bridge cost will be.

What Types of Fillings Are Used?

Several types of fillings are available and your dentist will recommend the best type based on your preferences. Commonly used fillings include silver amalgam, porcelain, composite, and gold. Many patients want their fillings to blend with their natural teeth, others want them to stand out, so the type used will depend on your preference.

What Types of Crowns Are There?

Crowns, like fillings, are available in a variety of options. Ceramic is typically used for front teeth, gold may be used for the back teeth, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may be used for others. Your dentist will recommend the best type for the location and the style of tooth, and will answer all your questions during your appointment at our office in Florida.

What Types of Bridges Are Available?

The type of bridge used for your application will depend on several factors that include the location of the bridge, the type of bridge needed, and personal preference. Certain types of bridges are not recommended for certain locations. If there are adjacent teeth, you may need a traditional bridge. If not, your dentist may recommend a cantilever bridge. Be sure to ask any questions you may have during your appointment at our office in Florida.

What Should I Expect When Getting a Crown?

There are two office visits involved in getting a crown. During the initial visit, your dentist will prepare the tooth by shaping and cleaning it, and then your dentist will take an impression of the tooth. This is necessary in order to make your temporary crown and your permanent crown. Your temporary crown will be installed during the first visit and your permanent one ordered. When our office in Florida receives your permanent crown, we’ll remove the temporary one and cement the permanent one in place. Each procedure will take about 30 minutes to one hour.

What Should I Expect When Getting a Bridge Installed?

Getting a bridge will require, on average, two visits to our office in Florida. During the initial appointment, the teeth on either side will be prepared and impressions will be taken of the area and a mold made. You’ll receive a temporary bridge to wear and your permanent bridge will be ordered. When your permanent appliance is ready, you’ll need to return to our office to have it installed and adjusted. Very seldom is a third visit required. For more information on getting a bridge installed, call one of our offices and we’ll answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for you.

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