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Age takes its toll on your teeth as well as your body. If your teeth are dull and discolored because of the aging process, smoking, taking prescription medications and antihistamines, drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, then call our Bradenton office at (941) 357-1292 to schedule a consultation with one of our teeth bleaching dentists. Professional in-office teeth whitening is very popular and it can restore discolored and stained teeth to a beautiful white smile. In-office teeth whitening is affordable, effective, simple, and fast. Within weeks, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted, so call us at (941) 357-1292 to schedule your first consultation.

Why Is Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening a Better Option?

There are several advantages to having your teeth whitening done by a dentist rather than doing it yourself at home. Teeth whitening products from a teeth bleaching dentist use stronger teeth bleaching gels than you can buy for home use. If there are issues with the teeth whitening procedure, then your teeth bleaching dentist can spot them; this isn’t possible for the DIY user. You’ll achieve more dramatic results from a professional treatment than you would from a DIY kit and the overall process will be shorter because the teeth whitening treatments are stronger than those in a DIY kit. Call our Bradenton office at (941) 357-1292 if you have more questions or want to schedule your first office visit.

Can’t I Whiten My Teeth At Home?

Certainly, DIY kits are available that will provide a whiter, brighter smile than you may have. If you’re pressed for time, teeth whitening at home can help. However, you’ll achieve faster, better results if you have a professional whitening procedure in your dentist’s office. If you have questions or want a recommendation, call our Bradenton office at (941) 357-1292 and we’ll be glad to help you.

What’s the Cost for Professional Whitening?

As with any dental procedure, the cost for teeth whitening in Bradenton will vary according to the individual. Factors such as any additional work or extra treatments that you might need, your overall dental health, the type of whitening products that you select, and any dental insurance benefits that you have will affect the final cost. During your first consultation, your dentist will provide you with a detailed estimate of your teeth bleaching cost in our Bradenton office. Call us today at (941) 357-1292 to schedule your first visit and let’s get started on your new dazzling white smile.

Are Professional Teeth Whitening Products Really Better Than the At-Home Kits?

Professional whitening products are stronger and more effective than the at-home whitening kits and you’ll see superior results in less time. When you consider that you’d need several kits and lots more time to achieve inferior results than you would from a dentist, the DIY kits may well be more expensive in both time and money. Call our office in Bradenton at (941) 357-1292 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

How Does the Teeth Whitening Procedure Work?

The specific whitening procedure varies from product to product, but in general, the following steps will occur during your teeth whitening procedure in our Bradenton office.

  1. Your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that there are no risks for the procedure. Your teeth will then be cleaned to ensure that you receive maximum, even whitening.
  2. We’ll probably take pictures of your teeth for two reasons. First, we want to compare your final teeth whitening results to your teeth color before the treatment, a before and after comparison so to speak. Second, we want to monitor your progress during the procedure to determine the extent of the treatment needed.
  3. We’ll place a cheek retractor in your mouth so that your teeth are exposed and your cheeks aren’t exposed to the whitening gel.
  4. We’ll apply a special liquid to your gums that will protect them from the teeth whitening gel.
  5. You’ll receive several applications of the whitening gel. Each application will be removed before the next one is applied and we’ll monitor your progress as we go.
  6. Depending on the product you’ve selected, we may use an intense light to enhance the whitening power of the gel.
  7. When we’ve removed the final application of gel, we’ll evaluate the color difference and determine if you need additional treatments or if you need to continue the treatment at home.

If you want to restore your dazzling smile and don’t want to use DIY kits or if you’ve tried the DIY kits and didn’t like the results, call our Bradenton office at (941) 357-1292 and let us help you. We can help you achieve the smile you want at a price you can afford; call us today.

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