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Where Can I Get a Dental Exam from a Reputable Dentist?

At our office you’ll find our dentist is reputable and honest. We offer comprehensive dental exams for new and existing patients and a wide range of treatments if your exam uncovers any issues. We operate a friendly, welcoming office. You will be greeted with a smile when you arrive and made to feel at ease.

If you are a new patient, you will need to fill out a medical history form and provide a list of medication you currently take. Exams typically begin with x-rays. Your dentist uses the x-rays to look for any issues inside or in between your teeth that are not visible to the naked eye. Next, your dentist will inspect each tooth in your mouth and check each restoration to ensure it isn’t loose or damaged. He or she will check your bite and evaluate your risk for gum disease. You’ll also receive a mouth cancer screening as part of the exam. After your exam, your dentist will discuss your dental health, detailing preventive measures you can take to reduce your chances of decay or gum disease. You will be asked to return in six months unless our dentist feels you need to come in more often.

If you need any work done, you’ll find our dentists prefer to explain problems uncovered in the exam in easy-to-understand language. You’ll also find our dentists easy to talk to, and we think you will feel comfortable asking questions and discussing possible treatments. Call us today to schedule your dental exam in Brandon.

Who Is an Expert in Dental Cleaning and Treatment for Gum Disease?

Our dental office is the ideal place to come to get a professional cleaning or treatment for gum disease. The majority of our patients find teeth cleanings painless. However, if you begin to feel pain, our dentist can administer an anesthetic to numb your mouth. Your comfort is our priority. Dental cleanings can take up to an hour. We suggest you schedule your teeth cleaning before your dental exam every six months, so you only have to make one visit to our office. While dental cleanings make your teeth look brighter and remove minor staining, the cleanings also help protect you from periodontal (gum) disease.

There are three stages of gum disease. The first is gingivitis, where your gums are bright red, swollen and they may bleed when you brush your teeth. If you notice these symptoms, call us right away for gum disease treatment. Typically, a dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene habits are enough to cure gingivitis. Next, you have periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. Both are severe conditions that need periodontal treatment to prevent tooth loss. Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Untreated gingivitis may lead to periodontitis. It is much easier to treat gingivitis than it is to treat periodontal disease.

Can a Dentist Cure Halitosis?

If you have bad breath every day, not just after eating certain foods, you have halitosis, or chronic bad breath. The most common reason for halitosis is poor oral hygiene. If you come in for a dental cleaning, our hygienist can remove all of the odor-causing plaque and tartar on your teeth. He or she can also show you how to brush and floss to get those hard-to-reach spots where bacteria can grow and how to remove bacteria from your tongue. Our hygienist may also suggest an antibacterial mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. Other dental issues that can cause bad breath include gum disease and decay since bacteria can become trapped in gum pockets or cavities. Call today to make an appointment at our office. You don’t have to put up with bad breath any longer.

At What Age Should I Start Getting Oral Cancer Screenings?

We recommend that you get an oral cancer screening once a year starting at age 18. Our dentist can perform the screening during your dental exam. Previously, most oral cancer victims were older men who used tobacco and alcohol; however, the highest growth rate is now among younger individuals. In many cases of young adults diagnosed with oral cancer, the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus is to blame. Individuals with no known risk factors can also get oral cancer. The disease is life-threatening if it isn’t caught early on and treated. There are no symptoms in the early stages; if you notice a lump, the cancer has probably already spread. Don’t become the one American that dies every hour from oral cancer; schedule your screening today.

If it has been a while since you have seen a dentist, call us to schedule your dental exam in Brandon. We look forward to serving you and safeguarding your oral health.

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