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We can meet your needs for restorative dentistry in a relaxing, non-judgmental environment. Our dentists excel at meeting patient needs and communicating their recommendations in easy-to-understand terms. Please call us for an appointment if you need an exam, have a cavity or need other dental care.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

When you have dental decay, a hole or cavity forms because the decay eats away the tooth enamel. Your dentist will remove the decay and fill the tooth with a tooth filling. If your dentist does not remove the decay, the cavity will continue to get larger and more painful.

What Are Tooth Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

A crown covers a tooth to restore its shape and appearance. You may need a crown for a tooth with a very large filling or to strengthen a tooth which recently had a root canal. Crowns also attach bridges and top dental implants. Bridges will replace missing teeth with a fixed device containing artificial teeth and crowns for the adjacent teeth which will support the bridge.

Where Can I Get a Crown, Tooth Bridge or a Tooth Filling?

General and family dentists provide these types of restorative dental services. If you need to find a local dental office for general dentistry services, contact us to arrange an appointment.

What Do Fillings, Dental Caps and Dental Bridges Cost?

Your tooth’s condition and the filling material you choose determine your tooth filling cost. The type of crown you choose and whether your dentist needs to perform any dental work first determines your dental crown cost. The number of missing teeth you want to replace and the materials you select determine your dental bridge cost. Your dental insurance coverage will also affect your cost. If you call for an appointment, your dentist will go over what you need and explain the costs associated with each of your options.

What Materials Can I Choose for Dental Fillings?

When they hear they need a filling, most people think of amalgam (metal) fillings. Dentists still use silver-colored amalgam fillings because they are safe, strong and very durable. Composite fillings are far less obvious because they are tooth-colored, but they are not as long-lasting. You can also choose ceramic or gold fillings. Your dentist will help you select the best filling material in your case.

What Type of Crowns for Teeth Are Available?

There are all porcelain crowns which have the same translucency as tooth enamel. If aesthetics are your primary concern, a porcelain crown is your best option. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are attractive and they are stronger than porcelain crowns, so your dentist can use them for back teeth as well as for front teeth. Gold alloy crowns are the strongest crowns available. Because of their appearance, many patients consider them an option for back teeth only.

What Types of Bridges Are Available?

Our dentist will help you select a bridge by taking into account your unique oral health needs. Traditional bridges are the most commonly recommended type of bridge. If you have two healthy teeth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth, your dentist will recommend a traditional bridge. If you only have one healthy tooth which can anchor the bridge, your dentist will suggest a cantilever bridge or an implant-supported bridge.

What Steps are Involved in Getting a Tooth Crown?

It takes two dental visits to get a crown. During the first dental visit, your dentist will create an impression of your tooth so the dental lab can construct a crown that blends perfectly with your other teeth. Your dentist will prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of the enamel. You’ll receive a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth. During your second visit, your dentist removes the temporary crown, which is held in place by temporary cement, and puts your custom-made crown in place using permanent dental cement.

What Steps Are Involved in Getting a Tooth Bridge?

During your first visit, your dentist will prepare the abutment teeth, which will anchor the bridge. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel to make room for a crown to go over the top of the teeth. Next, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth for the dental laboratory. Your dentist will install a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth until you return. In about two weeks, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and replace it with your permanent one.

If you are interested in having a smile free from gaps left by missing teeth, please call our office and request an appointment.

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