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Do you need to have a tooth pulled? If so, then you are one of many people who have needed to undergo this routine dental procedure. Not only is this a commonly performed procedure, but it is also a quick and virtually painless one.

What Is the Cost of a Tooth Extraction?

Many of our patients ask us, “What does a tooth extraction cost?” We are unable to give you an estimate until our dentist has thoroughly examined your teeth and determined what kind of extraction will be necessary for you. Understandably, a surgical extraction will be more expensive than a simple extraction. Once you have been examined, you will be given a quote for your procedure. If you have dental insurance, be sure to let us know. Your policy may offer coverage for your extraction surgery.

What Can You Tell Me About Oral Surgery Extraction?

If you have a tooth that has not yet broken through the gum or that is barely visible through the gum, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction. If your regular dentist can see and get to the tooth, then he or she will be able to use forceps to grasp and pull out the tooth.

Why Is It Necessary to Have My Tooth Pulled?

At our practice, we do everything we can to save a tooth. However, there are sometimes when the only option left is to perform a tooth extraction. A tooth often can’t be saved in cases where a patient has severe tooth decay, trauma or gum disease. When teeth are badly damaged by these situations, it is in your best interests to have dental extraction surgery so that you can go about your life with a happy, healthy and pain-free mouth.

Can I Have Severely Damaged or Cracked Teeth Extracted at the Dentist?

Root canals can sometimes be done on cracked, broken or decayed teeth that do not have damage that reaches past the middle of the tooth. Before recommending that you have a dental extraction, our dentist will examine your mouth and decide whether or not a root canal is feasible. If it isn’t, a dental extraction will be recommended. An extraction will rid you of any pain you are feeling due to your tooth or teeth. You will also be given information on tooth replacement options. Having the extracted tooth replaced after the extraction site has healed will help to keep your other teeth from shifting.

Why Are Baby Teeth Sometimes Pulled?

A dentist may decide to pull your child’s baby teeth when a tooth has a cavity that is too large to fill. Another instance where your child may need a baby tooth extracted is when an adult tooth is trapped underneath the baby tooth.

Is a Dental Extraction Necessary When I Have Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

Getting a tooth pulled due to the advanced stages of gum disease is necessary when the tooth is beginning to cause you pain. This pain occurs because periodontal disease attacks the ligaments that hold your tooth in place. Your dentist will recommend an extraction in order to relieve your pain and to get your dental health back on track.

Can You Give Me More Information On Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom tooth removal surgery is routinely done on patients who do not have enough room in their jaws to support a third set of molars. This surgery is usually done in the late teens or young adult years, as the wisdom teeth do not begin to come in until then. Wisdom teeth can cause many problems as they try to grow in. Infection, damage to the jawbone, and damage to the teeth are some of the issues that may occur if the wisdom teeth are left in. In some cases, our dentist can remove the wisdom teeth. In cases where the wisdom teeth have not yet erupted, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.

Why Are Teeth That Are Crowded Pulled?

Pulling crowded teeth to make room for orthodontic treatment is a commonly done procedure. Patients who don’t have enough room in their mouths for all of their adult teeth suffer from their teeth coming in crooked. By pulling some of the teeth, your dentist makes room for your other teeth to shift into a straighter position once your braces have been put on.

Will I Need to Avoid Anything After My Extraction?

After your extraction surgery has occurred, you will be given a set of instructions to follow. These instructions will also include a list of restrictions on your activities. For the most part, you will be able to begin engaging in moderate activity after the first 24 hours. Strenuous activities should be avoided until your dentist tells you it is okay. Make sure to follow your dentist’s instructions, as a failure to follow them could lead to complications with the healing process.

How Long Can I Expect It to take for My Extraction Site to Heal?

If you follow your dentist’s instructions, the tooth extraction healing process for a routine extraction procedure takes about a week to heal. If you had a molar extracted, it will take slightly longer for your mouth to recover.

Finding a dentist who will do a tooth extraction in Clearwater doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact our staff at (727) 286-3945 today to book your initial consultation with a highly qualified dentist.

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