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Natalya Ivanova, D.M.D. is a dentist in pursuit of perfection. One of the messages she tries to impart on each and every one of her patients is this: “perfection is the key to function and beauty.” And considering that a healthy mouth is also an attractive mouth, this is a motto that’s particularly relevant to dentistry and oral care.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Dr. Ivanova graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science before attending the University of Florida for her D.M.D. She has since adopted St. Petersburg, Florida, as her new hometown and become a valued member of Advanced Dental Care of Clearwater.

Of course, dentistry isn’t Dr. Ivanova’s only passion. In addition to speaking four languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish – she is also involved with community organizations, such as We Care, Healthy Kids and Acorn Clinic. Dr. Ivanova is also an avid enthusiast of ballet, piano, tennis and traveling.

All of those qualities, combined with her dedication to improving patients’ oral care and dental experience, make Dr. Ivanova an integral part of the Advanced Dental Care of Clearwater team.

Dental Area of Focus:

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving my patients’ smiles aesthetically through the latest cosmetic dental procedures gives me great joy. To see the look on their faces when they see their new smile is so rewarding. I can just see their confidence increase right there in the office.

Relieving a patient’s tooth pain and discomfort is rewarding too. In many cases, my experience with extractions and surgical procedures allows me to address my patients’ toothaches immediately without needing to refer them to another office forcing them to wait in pain for another appointment. The quality, comprehensive dental care we provide is appreciated by our patients because it makes their dental care more affordable and convenient.

Notable Achievements, Certifications, Recognitions, etc:

Speaks four languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish
Graduated from Boston University Summa Cum Laude
University of Florida Dean’s List every semester
Humanitarian volunteer through dental school at Stomatology Clinic at the Kiev Medical Institute in Ukraine
Published a book: Ivanov V, Ivanova N. 2006. Mathematical Models of the Cell and Cell Associated Objects. Elsevier. Oxford, UK. 332 pages.

Affiliated/Dental-related Associations and Organizations:

American Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry

Volunteer/Community Involvement:

Institute of Stomatology
We Care
Healthy Kids
Acorn Clinic

Why Dentistry?:

I think I knew from childhood that I wanted to be a dentist – I didn’t really have a choice. Well, I had a choice, but that was my decision and I stuck with it. I had a really bad experience when I was a child, so I was really afraid of dentists. It was in Ukraine and I just wanted to do something and know something about dentistry so I wouldn’t be so afraid.

I like meeting different people and facing new challenges. No day is the same, and that keeps me going strong. It also pushes me to continue learning at every opportunity. I enjoy meeting new patients and catching up with returning patients. I believe our patients keep coming back because we’re able to build lasting relationships based on respect and outstanding patient care and dentistry.

Dental Advice:

Taking care of your teeth is so important. As a dentist, it is something I am obviously passionate about, but I want to convey that importance to my patients. Your teeth and dental health impact your overall health and well being, so good home care and regular visits to the dentist are essential at every age. Also, when and if a patient does have a problem with their teeth or mouth, they should never hesitate to call us. That’s what we’re here for. It is important to take care of any dental issues quickly before the problem has time to increase in severity and becomes more costly to treat.

Message to patients:

I think I’m very good at what I do. I’m very picky, let’s say. So even little things, like fillings, I like to have to perfection. Perfection is my goal in all things, and my patients appreciate my commitment and dedication.


St. Petersburg, FL and Kiev Ukraine


I love to travel and enjoy discovering new places. I play the piano, and people say that’s good for a dentist’s fingers. It helps develop dexterity needed for dentistry. I like to stay in shape and work out regularly. Clearwater is an excellent community for outdoor exercise!

Favorite Dentist Joke:

“Floss only the teeth you want to keep”

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