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Are You Looking for a New Dental Office for Your Next Exam?

Our prevention-oriented dental practice would welcome the opportunity to provide your next dental exam. If our dentist discovers any problems during the exam, our practice offers nearly all of the dental services you might need. When you arrive for your initial visit, you’ll have a comprehensive dental exam, which includes:

  • X-rays
  • An examination of each individual tooth
  • A screening for mouth cancer
  • An assessment of your gum and bone health

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the findings with your dentist and ask questions. If your dentist recommends treatment, you’ll learn why and whether the treatment is essential to your dental health or elective. Call us today to arrange an appointment for a dental exam in Jacksonville.

Are Teeth Cleanings and Gum Disease Treatment Related?

Yes, teeth cleanings can be a treatment for gingivitis and they can help prevent periodontal disease. When you have a professional teeth cleaning, our hygienist scrapes tartar from your teeth. This is usually not painful, but our dentist can provide a topical anesthetic if you feel any pain. Our team is committed to making sure that you do not feel pain during any procedure. Our hygienist will polish your teeth with a special gritty toothpaste and an electric brush. You can have your teeth polished twice a year; it is not something you can do at home. Next, our hygienist will floss your teeth. You may have a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth for the next several months. The cleaning can remove surface stains and your teeth will look and feel cleaner. Call us today to schedule a dental cleaning if your teeth are not as clean as you would like.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Your gums can become infected from tarter at the gum line and bleed when you brush them. Since a dental cleaning removes the tartar, it often reverses gingivitis. If your gums are bright red and swollen, contact our office. Our dentist will evaluate your gums and most likely suggest a dental cleaning. Gingivitis may progress to periodontal disease, which is when the infection spreads to the bones that hold your teeth in place. At this point, you cannot avoid periodontal treatment if you want to save your teeth. Treatment may include a deep cleaning, which is more invasive than a dental cleaning. We offer various treatments for periodontal disease; we will do everything possible to save your natural teeth. If necessary, our dentist will refer you to a specialist.

What Can a Dentist Do About Bad Breath?

About 25 percent of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath. For the majority of these individuals, there is a cure available at a dentist’s office. Bad breath typically comes from an accumulation of plaque in your mouth. Either you’re not removing enough of the plaque each day with brushing and flossing or something is making your mouth dry. Saliva helps to keep plaque from sticking to your teeth, so drinking more water can help, especially if you take medication that causes dry mouth. Our dentist usually suggests a dental cleaning with our hygienist, who will show you how to keep your mouth, including your tongue, clean. Our dentist will also check for gum disease or decay, both of which can trap bacteria in your mouth. Call for your appointment with our dentist and get rid of your embarrassing bad breath.

Why Is an Oral Cancer Screening Included in a Dental Exam?

Oral cancer’s low, five-year survival rate is attributed to late detection. Unfortunately, few people are aware of how prevalent the cancer is in this country. Dentists want to change this by including a screening with each routine adult exam. Screenings include a thorough visual examination of your mouth and our dentist will feel for any lumps. The screening is fast, painless and it could save your life. If you notice any lumps, sores that don’t heal in two weeks, or white or reddish patches of skin in your mouth, don’t wait until your next exam. Call our office and request a screening for oral cancer. If you do have oral cancer, treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery depending on the stage of the cancer.

Help us protect your oral health. Call us today to schedule a dental exam in Jacksonville. We look forward to meeting you and your family and taking care of your dental needs.

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