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Do you believe that you are in need of a tooth extraction? If so, then you can rest assured that our dentists will ensure that the extraction is necessary before recommending that you have the tooth pulled. This routine and relatively painless procedure will relieve you of pain and get your oral health back on track in no time at all.

Are Tooth Extractions Expensive?

A number of our patients are concerned over tooth extraction cost. You will not receive a quote for extraction prices until a dentist has thoroughly examined your teeth and determined whether or not a simple or surgical extraction is required. If your case is severe enough, you may be referred to an oral surgeon. Let our staff know if you have dental insurance. Your insurance may cover a portion of the cost of the procedure.

Can You Give Me More Information on Oral Surgery Extraction?

Oral surgery in order to extract a tooth is recommended when a tooth is trapped underneath the gum line. Oral surgeons typically perform surgical tooth extractions. If your tooth can be grabbed by forceps and pulled out that way, your regular dentist will be able to perform the tooth removal.

When Are Teeth Extractions Necessary?

We believe that it is always best to try to save the tooth. While we will do everything we can to save your tooth, there are times when a tooth is too badly damaged or infected to restore. When this happens, whether it be due to decay, trauma or gum disease, our dentist will recommend that you undergo a tooth extraction. This procedure will keep your mouth healthy, as well as rid you of any pain you have been feeling.

Will My Dentist Be Able to Pull My Severely Damaged or Infected Tooth?

Before making the decision to have a tooth pulled, your dentist will examine your cracked, broken or decayed tooth to determine if the damage has reached the center of your tooth. Once this examination has been done, your dentist will recommend either a root canal or a dental extraction. If an extraction is done, your dentist will talk to you about utilizing a replacement tooth so that your other teeth won’t move around.

When Is it Necessary to Pull Baby Teeth?

While baby teeth usually fall out on their own, there are times when a dentist will recommend that an extraction be performed. If your child has an adult tooth trapped beneath a baby tooth or an extensive cavity that can’t be filled, our dentist will recommend that the baby tooth be pulled. While your child may be nervous about getting a tooth pulled, our dentists will put your child at ease. Contact us to get your child in to the office to see one of our dentists about an extraction today.

Are Dental Extractions Necessary When You Have Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

Advanced periodontal diseases cause the teeth to fall out as the disease breaks down the ligaments that hold the teeth in place. This process can be painful. To eliminate pain caused by gum disease, our dentist may recommend that the teeth be extracted.

How Do I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

If your wisdom teeth are breaking through the gums or trying to break through, you may be experiencing discomfort, pain, swelling, or other issues. Since most people do not have enough room in their jaw for a third set of molars, the wisdom teeth often have to be removed surgically. If the teeth have erupted, a general dentist can usually perform the procedure. However, if the wisdom teeth have become impacted beneath the gums, a surgical tooth extraction will need to be performed by an oral surgeon. It is important that this surgery is completed in a timely manner, as a failure to remove wisdom teeth can cause infection and bone damage.

Why Are Teeth Sometimes Pulled Before You Get Braces?

Braces are prescribed for patients who have crowded teeth. This is due to the mouth not being big enough for all of a person’s adult teeth. To make room for the teeth to straighten themselves, a dentist will typically extract teeth before the braces are placed.

What Will Happen After My Dental Extraction Surgery?

After your surgery, you will be given a set of aftercare instructions. These instructions will let you know what you can and can’t do in the period following the surgery. In most cases, you will be able to resume moderate activities within 24 hours. Check with your dentist before undergoing strenuous activities. You will also be given instructions on how to manage any pain or swelling you may incur after the surgery.

How Long Does the Healing Process Take?

If you properly follow your aftercare instructions, your extraction site should be fully healed within a week. Tooth extraction healing for more complicated extractions may take longer.

To receive more information on tooth extraction in Jacksonville, call us at (904) 725-4433.

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