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Why Are Biannual Dental Exams So Important?

Routine dental exams are important to maintain your oral health. You should have a dental exam every six months or as often as your dentist recommends. Your dentist can detect small amounts of decay and remove it before you end up with a large, painful cavity that requires an emergency root canal. Besides being cost-effective, dental exams can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a healthy smile.

Before your dental exam, you’ll need to fill out paperwork, including a medical history, so we ask you to come in early for your appointment. Our dentist will go over your medical history on your first appointment. Be sure to bring in a list of your medications and your dental insurance information. We do our best to keep our appointments running smoothly so you don’t have to wait long. We understand your time is valuable.

Our dentist will order x-rays and examine each one of your teeth. You may not need x-rays taken on your subsequent visit. We only take x-rays when necessary. The dentist will check your bite and look for evidence you grind your teeth while you are sleeping. Your dentist will also check your existing fillings and crowns to make sure they have not come loose.

Having a dental exam in Lakewood Ranch allows our dentists to evaluate the amount of plaque and tartar on your teeth and instruct you in proper brushing and flossing techniques if necessary. He or she does this to reduce your risk of gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Call us today to schedule your exam. We look forward to serving you.

Where Is a Reliable Place to Get a Dental Cleaning and Gum Disease Treatment?

Our dental hygienist or our dentist performs teeth cleanings in our office. The dental cleaning treatment rids your mouth of plaque and tartar in between your teeth and at the gum line. Once the tartar is scraped off, you’ll have your teeth polished with an electric brush and gritty toothpaste. This removes minor stains and makes your teeth smooth, so it is more difficult for plaque to stick to your teeth. Our hygienist will floss your teeth, ask you to rinse, and offer you a fluoride treatment. You may have an option of different flavors. If you would like brighter teeth that sparkle, contact us to make an appointment for a teeth cleaning.

If you’ve been noticing that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth and your gums look bright red and swollen, you probably have gingivitis. It is a common problem today as busy individuals find it challenging to brush after every meal. Fortunately, a dental cleaning will usually stop gingivitis and have your gums looking pink and healthy once again. If your gingivitis turns into periodontal disease, we can help you with periodontal treatment at our office. There are non-surgical and surgical options. You can trust our dentist to choose the most conservative treatment first.

Do Dentists Have Bad Breath Cures?

Chronic bad breath is often caused by bacteria in your mouth. Poor oral hygiene is often to blame as individuals find it difficult or inconvenient to brush after every meal. Plaque, the thin film that coats your teeth after eating, contains odor-causing bacteria. The plaque also coats your tongue; you should brush your tongue along with your teeth because bacteria can get trapped in the crevices of your tongue and rinsing is not enough to remove it. If your oral hygiene is the reason for your chronic bad breath, our dentist will suggest a professional cleaning. He or she will also look for cavities that can trap bacteria and gum disease. If you have chronic bad breath, reach for the phone instead of a breath mint and call our office to schedule your appointment.

Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

If you are an adult, you need a screening annually, even if you have no risk factors, such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and the human papillomavirus. Our dentist performs the visual and tactile screening during your routine exam as well as utilizing the ViziLite oral cancer detection technology. He or she will feel for lumps and look for whitish patches of skin and bleeding sores. If you notice any abnormalities, have difficulty swallowing, or you have lesions that won’t heal, call us right away. Our dentist will take a sample of the suspicious tissue and send it to an oral pathology lab to see if the cells are cancerous. Catching oral cancer early greatly improves your chances of survival.

For a dental office where you can have your teeth cleaned, get a screening for mouth cancer and have a dental exam in Lakewood Ranch, contact our office.

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