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Do You Need a Comprehensive Oral Exam?

Our dentists can help you protect your oral health with regular dental exams. Your checkups are an investment in your smile and allow you to look and feel your best with healthy teeth and gums. If a dental exam reveals a problem, we offer a wide range of treatments to take care of the issue. If you’ve neglected getting regular exams, we can help you get back on track with a dental treatment plan. Our friendly, non-judgmental dental team will put you at ease. We will treat you with respect, knowing that there was likely a very good reason for you to skip dental checkups.

We perform a comprehensive dental exam on new patients to determine their oral health. You can expect your dentist to order x-rays and also check your mouth for decay and loose teeth with special instruments. He or she will also look for signs of oral cancer and gum disease. If you have fillings or crowns in your mouth, your dentist will make sure they are intact. A loose filling can let bacteria in, causing a cavity under the filling.

After your dental exam, the dentist will discuss your current oral health, make suggestions for any necessary treatment, and evaluate your risk of developing decay or gum disease. If you need any treatment, rest assured, your comfort is our priority. We never want to see a patient undergoing a painful procedure without a sufficient anesthetic. If you are at risk for any dental diseases, your dentist may suggest that you come in for an exam more often than every six months. If you are looking for a dental office to get a dental exam in Mandarin, call us to book an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

What Type of Dentist Offers Teeth Cleaning and Periodontal Treatment?

We offer a wide range of treatments to safeguard or improve your oral health. We suggest that you have a dental cleaning every six months before your routine exam. Cleanings remove built up plaque and tartar deposits that are impossible to remove with brushing and flossing alone. If you are meticulous about oral hygiene, your cleaning is quick and easy. If you’ve neglected your oral hygiene routine, the cleaning will take longer. Our dentist or hygienist will also polish your teeth, which may remove minor stains. You can also have a fluoride treatment afterward to help protect your teeth.

Dental cleanings help you avoid gingivitis and gum disease. Gum disease starts with gingivitis, characterized by swollen, red gums that bleed when you brush your teeth. If you believe you have gingivitis, seek treatment immediately. Gingivitis can advance to full-blown gum disease, Everyone that has gingivitis will not get periodontal (gum) disease, but everyone who needs gum disease treatment has gingivitis. Contact our office for an appointment if you notice the signs of gingivitis. It is reversible, however, gum disease is not reversible, although it is treatable. Typically, a dental cleaning is enough to reverse the effects of gingivitis and restore your gum health.

Are Bad Breath Remedies Available at a Dentist’s Office?

Yes, patients often ask our dentist about chronic bad breath. Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is something people deal with every day, not just after eating foods, like onions, known to cause bad breath. Poor oral hygiene often causes bad breath. A dental cleaning can stop bad breath because it removes plaque and tartar, which contain odor-causing bacteria. Our hygienist may suggest brushing or scraping your tongue each day as this can work extremely well to fix bad breath. If your oral hygiene isn’t to blame, our dentist will check for gum disease or cavities. Both can trap bacteria in your mouth. Call our office for an appointment and let our dentist help you get rid of bad breath permanently.

Can I Get an Oral Cancer Screening During My Routine Exam?

During your routine exam, our dentist will examine your mouth, tongue, throat, cheek lining and lips to look for the early signs of oral cancer. Signs include lesions, red or white patches, lumps or thickening skin. Expect our dentist to feel your cheeks and take a piece of gauze and hold your tongue up so he or she can look underneath it. Dentists perform screening on everyone over age 18 now as new risk factors have emerged. Early detection greatly improves your chances of treatment being successful. If you have not had a mouth cancer screening in the last few years, contact our office to request one. We want to raise awareness about this deadly disease that claims one life every hour in the United States.

Call our office to schedule your dental exam in Mandarin with a trusted dentist who is passionate about their patient’s dental health.

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