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Why Are Routine Dental Exams Necessary?

Our dentists and welcoming staff make routine exams comfortable. Our goal is to protect your oral health and to help you have an attractive smile, and regular exams are the best way to ensure these objectives. We offer a full range of dental services to meet all your needs so we can offer you the treatment you need. Our dentist likes to allow time to get to know patients personally and develop long-term relationships. You’ll never feel rushed.

Don’t ignore regular dental exams, even if your teeth do not hurt. Without a dentist using x-rays and special instruments to examine your teeth, there is no way to detect a small cavity or hairline crack in your tooth. You won’t know about either problem until you feel pain, and then your visit to a dentist will take longer and be more expensive than if the problem was caught early during a routine exam. A dental exam can also detect oral cancer, which can be deadly if it is detected at a later stage.

During your exam, you will have x-rays taken and then your dentist will use small instruments and a mirror to examine your teeth, gums and the inside of your mouth. He or she will check existing fillings or crowns to make sure they are firmly in place. Your dentist will check your bite, look for evidence you grind your teeth and check for early signs of mouth cancer. Afterward, your dentist will discuss what he or she found and suggest treatment or you will make an appointment for your next exam if no issues were found. You will always receive the details of your comprehensive treatment plan, with necessary and elective treatments clearly explained.

Don’t leave your oral health to chance. Call us today to make an appointment for a dental exam in Mount Dora.

Where Should I Go for a Dental Cleaning or Gum Disease Treatment?

Professional teeth cleaning is essential for removing plaque and tartar that can cause decay and gum disease. Even if you brush and floss as often as recommended, there are hard-to-reach places where plaque and tartar hide. Having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months reduces your likelihood of having gum disease, the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Besides being a preventative treatment, a dental cleaning removes minor stains and brightens your teeth. Our hygienist will show you how to brush and floss correctly if you are missing spots. Patient education is a major part of his or her job.

Getting treatment as soon as you notice the signs of gingivitis, such as your gums bleeding when you brush your teeth, can help avoid the disease from progressing to periodontal (gum) disease. Symptoms of periodontal disease may include receding gums, loose teeth and abnormal spaces between teeth. Gingivitis can often be reversed with a dental cleaning, but periodontal treatment isn’t so easy. Not all cases of gingivitis progress to gum disease, especially if you practice diligent at-home oral hygiene and call us for an appointment if you notice your gums are irritated.

Can a Dentist Cure Bad Breath?

It surprises many of our patients they have bad breath since they brush and floss their teeth frequently. Our dentist may recommend a tongue scraper or suggest that their patient brush their tongue. A dental cleaning can also remove built-up plaque that can cause bad breath. Your dentist will look for decay or signs of gum disease, which can also make your breath unpleasant. If you notice that you have bad breath, call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist. If your dentist rules out any dental causes, he or she may refer you to your family physician to look for a medical cause.

Why Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening If I’m a Non-Smoker?

It’s true, tobacco users and people who are excessive drinkers are more likely to get oral cancer; however, the human papillomavirus can also cause oral cancer. People who have no risk factors also get oral cancer. Since dentists perform screenings for mouth cancer as part of a routine dental exam, there is no reason not to have one each year if you are over age 18. Our dentist carefully examines your mouth, even looking under your tongue, and he or she will feel for lumps. That’s all there is to a mouth cancer screening. The screening could save your life because if you catch oral cancer early, your chances of survival increase significantly. Our dentist can also show you how to do a monthly oral self-examination.

Contact our office if you would like to make an appointment for a dental exam in Mount Dora that includes a screening for oral cancer. We always enjoy seeing new patients.

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