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Missing or badly damaged teeth can adversely affect your entire life, not just your dental health. Your teeth are an important part of a beautiful, healthy smile and it’s been proven that smiling is beneficial to your health.

Healthy teeth are also vital to maintaining a healthy diet, which is essential to maintaining a healthy body. If you have missing or badly damaged teeth, restorative dentistry can make a dramatic improvement on your quality of life. We’re one of the best in the Ocala area for restorative dentistry so if you need dental work done, be sure to call us at (352) 502-4381 for an appointment. Our high-quality dentistry is also affordable and we do our best to make our patients comfortable during their procedure. Don’t put off the dental care you need because you dread the cost and the discomfort.

How Do I Know If I Need a Tooth Filling?

If you have developed decay or a cavity in one or more of your teeth, then you might need a tooth filling. Cavities and decay are sometimes accompanied by pain, sometimes they aren’t, but if you notice a dark area or inflammation around a tooth, don’t wait to see if it improves. Call us at (352) 502-4381 to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists in Ocala so that we can save as much of your tooth as possible.

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown or Bridge?

If you have a cavity or decay in one or more of your teeth or if you have missing teeth, you may need a dental crown or dental bridge. When the damage to a tooth is too large for a filling, then we use a crown. Dental crowns are also called dental caps and they cover the entire tooth down to the gum line. If you have a missing tooth, we can provide a bridge that will be anchored to the adjacent teeth. If there are none adjacent, then we can anchor your bridge to implants. Either way, we can replace your missing tooth or teeth and restore function to your teeth. Call us in Ocala to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

Does a Specialist Need To Install a Bridge, Crown or Filling?

All of the general dentists in our office in Ocala can provide you with a bridge, crown or filling or a combination of different devices. If you need complex oral surgery, we may refer you to a specialist but we’re usually able to provide the care that our patients need. We’ll be able to answer this question definitively during your initial appointment in our office in Ocala. Call us at (352) 502-4381 to set up your consultation.

Will I Pay a Lot For a Crown, Bridge, or Filling?

We know that cost is always a factor when considering dental work. We strive to keep our rates low and our quality of service very high. We don’t want our patients to sacrifice their dental health because they think they can’t afford it. We’ll work with you to get you the treatment you need at a price that will stay within your budget. When you come in for your first appointment, we’ll give you an estimate of the price so that you’ll know what your tooth filling cost, your dental crown cost, or your dental bridge cost will be. Call us today at (352) 502-4381 for more information.

Do I Have a Choice of Dental Fillings?

Fillings are available in several materials but the most common are porcelain, metal, composite, gold, and silver amalgam. Your dentist will recommend the best filling for your application because not all types of fillings work well for all types of teeth.

Do I Have a Choice of Crowns?

The type of tooth crown you receive will depend primarily on the location of the tooth that needs a crown. Usually, we use ceramic for the front teeth but several options are available for other teeth. Your dentist will discuss your preference and his or her recommendation with you during your appointment in our office in Ocala, so call us today at (352) 502-4381 to schedule your office visit.

Do I Have a Choice of Bridges?

Like crowns, the type of tooth bridge you receive will depend on the location of the tooth and whether there are strong adjacent teeth. Not all types of dental bridges are appropriate for all teeth, so that’s also a factor. Your dentist will explain your options during your visit to our office in Ocala. Call us today at (352) 502-4381 to schedule an appointment.

What’s the Tooth Crown Installation Procedure?

When you come to our office in Ocala to have a crown installed, your dentist will first clean and prepare your tooth for the crown. An impression will be taken and we’ll use that to make your temporary crown. We’ll install the temporary and then order your permanent crown from an outside lab. When it arrives, which can take up to several weeks, you’ll return to our office and your dentist will remove your temporary and install the permanent crown. Each visit should last about an hour. If you need crowns for teeth, call us in Ocala to set up your first visit to our office.

What’s the Bridge Installation Procedure?

The procedure for installing a tooth bridge is very similar to that of getting a crown installed. You’ll make two office visits, each lasting about an hour. The site will be prepped, an impression taken, and then a temporary bridge will be installed. When the permanent bridge arrives in our office, you’ll return to have it installed. If you need a crown or a bridge, call our office in Ocala at (352) 502-4381 to schedule your first office visit.

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