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Do you want to enjoy the advantages of a clean, pain-free smile? If so, visiting an experienced general dentist in Ocoee is the first step in achieving great dental health.

Why Should I See a General Dentist Near Me?

Early detection is key when it comes to dental health problems, and only a general dentist can diagnose and treat these issues before they become worse. In fact, visiting a dentist regularly for routine care can reduce the chances of needing costly dental work in the future. Take control of your dental health by booking an appointment at our office today.

What Services Do General Dentists Offer?

At our practice, we’re committed to helping patients achieve excellent, lifelong dental health. We offer an array of general dentistry services, including tooth fillings, deep dental cleanings and root scaling, restorative work, and routine dental exams. Even if it has been some time since your last visit to a general dental office, we can help. Give us a call today to schedule your initial appointment.

General Dental Services

Our general family dentistry office is committed to patients’ long-term oral health. We currently offer the following valuable general dentistry services.

How frequently you should go to the dentist largely depends on the condition of your dental health. While those with excellent oral health may only need biannual visits, people with ongoing dental issues may need several follow-up appointments.

How Much Does a Dental Appointment Cost?

Your total charges will depend on your insurance coverage and what procedures are administered. Please give us a call if you have questions about pricing, insurance, or your financing options.

How Do Dentists Clean Teeth?

Dentists use a variety of scraping, plaque-removing, and ultrasonic tools to clean your teeth and gums. These tools remove stubborn plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line, creating a fresh, clean feeling. Even though daily brushing and flossing are important, they will not clean your teeth as thoroughly as professional cleanings at a dental office.

How Long Do Dental Visits Take?

While appointment times will vary from patient to patient, most dental appointments are completed within an hour. Give our dentist general practice a call if you have questions about the length of a scheduled appointment.

What Are the Numbers Used When a Dentist Examines the Gums?

Dentists use a method called dental charting when measuring the health of a patient’s gums. This involves calling out numbers to a dental assistant, who records the readings in your personal file. While a measurement between 0-3 millimeters usually indicates a healthy gum line, higher numbers may be a sign of infection. Your dentist will answer any questions you have following the procedure.

Why Is Dental Health Necessary?

The health of your teeth and gums affects your entire body. Healthy gums reduce the risk of chronic inflammation, which has been linked to several serious medical conditions like diabetes and stroke. You’ll also reduce the risk of tooth loss and painful dental infections. Achieve your best smile – call us today to make your appointment with a general dentist.

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