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What Is Root Canal Surgery?

Root canal surgery can sound scary, but it’s actually a common way to repair and save a tooth that is deeply infected or damaged. This endodontic procedure removes bacteria and damaged soft pulp tissue from deep inside the tooth’s roots. The procedure also relieves the excruciating pain that accompanies severely infected teeth and allows you to resume normal eating.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Your dentist may recommend a dental root canal when your tooth pulp is severely infected. Fortunately, there are often signs that your tooth is badly diseased or damaged. Paying attention to these signs and seeking treatment right away can help ensure that your tooth’s health is restored. Take a look at the list below for some of the most common warning signs, but keep in mind that these symptoms can also indicate other dental issues too. That’s why it’s important to contact our office right away to schedule a consultation with our dentist if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Constant tooth pain that is mild to intense
  • Pain that wakes you up
  • Cold or hot sensitivity that lingers even after the temperature source is gone
  • Pain when chewing or biting down
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Swollen gums or a blister-like bump on the gums
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Discoloration

Is There a Special Kind of Root Canal Dentist?

General dentists and specialists known as endodontists can provide root canals. Endodontists, who specialize in the procedure, often handle more complex root canals and cases where re-treatment is necessary. Endodontists are dentists who have trained an extra two years in the problems affecting the interior of the tooth. In addition to root canals, endodontists can also perform other dental surgeries, treat traumatic dental injuries, and place dental implants. Feel free to call our office if you’re looking for a qualified dentist to address your tooth pain and infection.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Involve?

While root canals are considered surgical procedures, your experience will likely be closer to a typical filling appointment. Simple root canals usually take an hour or two, and your dentist will make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. You can expect the following steps to occur during your treatment:

  1. X-rays are taken to provide your dentist will an exact view of your tooth and jawbone.
  2. A local anesthetic is injected into your gum to numb your mouth. It may take 10 to 20 minutes for the anesthesia to completely take effect, but your dentist won’t begin the procedure until your mouth is completely numb.
  3. Your dentist stretches a thin latex shield across your mouth to isolate your tooth.
  4. Using a small drill, your dentist makes an opening in the crown of your tooth.
  5. Through this opening, the pulp is removed and the root canals are cleaned and shaped.
  6. The exposed canals are washed out with a disinfecting solution. This fluid removes any debris or bacteria that might be left in the pulp chamber or root canals.
  7. Once your root canals are dry, they are filled with a biocompatible rubbery substance called gutta-percha. This material seals your root canals.
  8. The small opening in your tooth crown is filled. A temporary root canal crown is placed over the tooth to provide structure, strength and bacterial infiltration.

What Does a Root Canal Cost?

The first step to determining your cost of treatment is to schedule an appointment with our dentist who will develop a customized treatment plan. Your in-office evaluation will help us determine your costs based on your pre-treatment needs, whether you require the special skills of an endodontist and how many roots are in your affected tooth. Dental insurance may help reduce your cost of the procedure. We’re happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate once our dentist has examined your tooth and dental health.

Are There Different Kinds of Root Canals?

While root canals are often considered the best treatment for saving a diseased tooth, you may be able to preserve the tooth with endodontic alternatives. An apicoectomy may be appropriate if prior root canals were unsuccessful. During the apicoectomy procedure, your endodontist removes the tip of the tooth root, which can harbor hard-to-reach bacteria.

Where Can I Find Dental Root Canal Treatment?

Our practice offers a wide variety of dental treatments designed to repair your dental health and restore your smile. If you are experiencing tooth pain or other symptoms related to an infected tooth, call us as soon as possible. The longer you delay treatment, the more you risk your health and the chances of saving your natural teeth. Contact our office today to discover your new healthy smile thanks to a root canal in Orange City.

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