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A dental emergency can be a painful – and sometimes even frightening – experience. Whether you’re suffering from persistent oral pain or feeling discomfort due to a dislodged crown, you’ll likely ask yourself, “How can I locate an emergency dental office near me?” When experiencing an emergency, seeing a dentist quickly can prevent complications and additional damage to your dental health.

Researching Emergency Dental Care Near Me

When you’re suffering from oral discomfort, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. Waiting to see if the issue goes away by itself can actually cause further damage to your teeth. Our experienced emergency dentists in Orlando provide comprehensive urgent care during regular office hours. Don’t let oral pain or pressure interfere with your life – call our emergency dental office today. Our dentists will provide a complete examination, a diagnosis of the dental issue, and a treatment plan that keeps the problem from coming back.

Our Comprehensive Emergency Dental Services

Urgent dental care is a broad term that includes a multitude of dental treatments and procedures. Most emergency dental services aim to eliminate a patient’s oral pain and discomfort due to infection, decay, or structural damage. This might include helping a patient manage wisdom tooth pain or remove a damaged tooth. Other urgent dental services that you can receive from our emergency dentists include:

  • Emergency tooth pulling
  • Repair of broken or fractured teeth
  • Pain management for toothache and other causes of oral discomfort
  • Replacement tooth fillings and crowns
  • Orthodontic pain management for injuries caused by metal braces
  • Treatment for oral infections, such as a tooth abscess

When It’s Time to Visit an Emergency Dentist

I’m not sure if my condition is severe. When is it time to visit an emergency dental office near me?

There are numerous oral health issues that warrant emergency dental care. Call our emergency dentists in Orlando if you’re experiencing any of the conditions or symptoms listed below.

Structurally Compromised Teeth

If a tooth has become broken or fractured, it’s time to contact an emergency dentist. Broken or fractured teeth can become infected if left untreated. We recommend using dental wax on any jagged edges of the tooth, as it provides a protective barrier for the tongue and cheek.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Teeth

Known in dentistry as avulsed teeth, knocked-out teeth can sometimes be reimplanted by emergency dentists. Time is of the essence if your tooth has been knocked out; locate as many tooth fragments as you can, then gently rinse them with warm water. Be sure to hold teeth by their crowns only to prevent damage.

Severe Toothache

Severe toothache pain or pressure has a multitude of causes, and should never be ignored. Failing to address a toothache could lead to further complications, especially if it’s joined by a fever or earache.

Oral Sensitivity

Many people experience mild tooth sensitivity from time to time. However, a tooth that suddenly becomes sensitive may be affected by an infection or fracture.


A buildup of dental decay often leads to cavities, which are large holes that expose a tooth’s root. Cavities can become quite painful if left untreated. Our emergency dentists provide treatment for cavities, determining what procedures are needed to relieve your discomfort.

Tooth Abscesses

A dental abscess is a painful infection that forms at a tooth’s root. An abscessed tooth can cause bad breath, swollen neck glands, and even a draining sore on the gums. If you suspect your tooth is abscessed, call our office immediately for treatment. Tooth abscesses can often cause serious complications if left alone.

Missing or Damaged Fillings

If you have lost or loose fillings, it’s important to receive replacement devices as soon as possible. Without the filling in place, the tooth is susceptible to further decay or even injury.

Lost Restorations or Broken Crowns

A tooth crown or restoration does more than make your smile aesthetically pleasing. These devices protect the affected teeth from injury and tooth decay. Broken crowns or lost restorations should be replaced by emergency dentists as soon as possible.

Orthodontic Pain

Many patients who require orthodontic care experience discomfort as a result of their metal braces. If you’re suffering from orthodontic pain or injuries, give us a call. Our emergency dentists can stabilize your devices and treat your discomfort.

Severe Tooth Grinding

A common dental problem, teeth grinding can wear down your enamel over time, and severe damage can warrant emergency dental care. Our dentists can reinforce tooth enamel worn by teeth grinding, and provide a night guard that protects your teeth while you sleep.

Sinus Pressure

The sinuses can sometimes be affected by dental health issues, such as infection or impacted wisdom teeth. If you’re experiencing sinus pressure and a toothache at the same time, schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentists to rule out dental causes.

What to Do When It’s a Serious Dental Emergency

My symptoms seem serious. Should I look for emergency dental care near me, or visit my local hospital?

There are some situations where you shouldn’t wait to receive urgent dental care. If you’re suffering from any of the following conditions, call 911, your oral surgeon, or visit the nearest emergency room:

  • Extreme oral bleeding
  • Persistent, severe gum or face swelling
  • Trauma to the head, neck, teeth, or jaw areas

On Average How Much Will Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Many people worry about the cost when receiving emergency dental care. When you visit one of our emergency dentists in Orlando, you’ll receive a full estimate of the anticipated costs and information about insurance coverage, if applicable. We also accept most major credit cards for your convenience. Don’t have insurance? No problem. You can still receive affordable urgent care through DentRite, a dental savings plan. Everyone is accepted, and there are no time-consuming forms to fill out. With DentRite, you can save hundreds on the urgent and routine dental care you need. Give our emergency dental office a call today to learn more.

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