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Getting a tooth pulled is sometimes a necessity. Dentists don’t like to pull teeth, but we will if there is no other viable option. Fortunately, we make the procedure virtually pain-free and our dentist will have your tooth out before you know it.

What Is a Normal Tooth Extraction Cost?

We base your extraction cost on how difficult the tooth is to pull and whether you need a dental or surgical extraction. Our dentist can tell you your expected cost after an examination. If you have a dental plan, please bring your information with you. Dental insurance providers frequently cover extractions. If you need an extraction, contact us for an appointment.

How Does a Surgical Extraction Differ from a Dental Extraction?

Dentists extract visible teeth; oral surgeons extract teeth below the gum line or teeth that a dentist cannot grip with forceps. Oral surgeons make an incision in your gum to reach the tooth. Dental extractions are less expensive and have a faster healing time.

When Should I Consider Having a Tooth Pulled as My Only Choice?

Our dentist will try to repair a tooth damaged from decay or trauma. He or she will consider a filling or a root canal and a crown. However, some teeth are damaged beyond repair. If he or she cannot return a tooth to its normal function, our dentist will suggest having the tooth extracted.

Do Dentists Extract Broken or Severely Decayed Teeth?

If you have a cracked, broken or severely decayed tooth where the damage has reached the middle of the tooth, our dentist will check to see if root canal treatment is warranted. If not, our dentist will tell you that you should have the tooth pulled. This will relieve the pain you are feeling. After the extraction, our dentist will talk to you regarding replacing the tooth, which is important to prevent your remaining teeth from moving. Call our office to set up an appointment if you would like to see if our dentist can save your tooth.

Why Would a Dentist Suggest a Baby Tooth Extraction?

If your child’s tooth is decayed and needs a filling or a root canal, our dentist will calculate when the tooth would most likely fall out naturally before deciding whether to fill or pull the tooth. Dentists also pull baby teeth if the tooth will not fall out even though the adult tooth is trying to emerge. If you believe your child needs an extraction, call our office to book an appointment with our child-friendly dentist.

Can I Lose Teeth from Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the leading reasons for adult tooth loss. When you have advanced gum disease, your gums pull away from your teeth and the tissue and jawbone become infected. If the infection goes untreated, teeth can become wobbly because there is nothing holding the tooth firmly in place. Call us to request an appointment if you have painful loose teeth from gum disease you would like pulled.

When is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recommended?

The teeth most commonly extracted are wisdom teeth; up to 80 percent of adults have had their wisdom teeth extracted. In some cases, wisdom teeth become stuck inside your jaw because there is no room for them to emerge. In other cases, they do emerge, but they come in crooked and press up against other teeth. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, our dentist can pull them if they have emerged from your gum. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, our dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon.

What Are Teeth Extractions for Braces?

Wearing braces will align your teeth properly. Teeth become crowded when there are too many of them for the size of your jaw. Extracting two or more teeth creates space for the remaining teeth to line up and give you a healthy bite. It’s also possible that our dentist will suggest a tooth extraction if your teeth are too crowded and you cannot clean between them. Call our dental office for an appointment if you need extractions to relieve overcrowding.

What Are the Tooth Removal Aftercare Instructions?

We will provide you with a detailed a list of instructions and he or she will make sure you understand them before you leave the office. Avoid chewing on the side where you had the tooth removed for several days. It’s essential to avoid sucking or blowing actions, such as drinking through a straw or spitting. These actions can disturb the blood clot forming to close your extraction site and lead to a painful condition called dry socket. Rest with your head elevated. Your dentist may suggest an OTC pain reliever, but you should avoid taking aspirin.

How Quickly Will My Extraction Site Heal?

Dental extractions have a short tooth extraction healing time. You can resume your normal activities after 24 hours and the extraction site should heal in a week. Molar and surgical extractions require a longer healing time. Your oral surgeon will tell you when to expect the extraction site to be completely healed.

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