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There are several reasons why you may need to have a tooth pulled. Our dentists always try to preserve a natural tooth, but if you need an extraction or your wisdom teeth pulled, we do our best to make it a quick, painless procedure. We always put our patients’ comfort first.

What’s the Typical Tooth Extraction Cost?

We calculate our fee for an extraction based on several factors, including how difficult the extraction is, the condition of your tooth, the location of the tooth and whether you need a surgical or a dental extraction. Prior to your extraction, our dentist will examine your tooth and give you your anticipated cost. If you have insurance, our staff will go over your out-of-pocket costs with you. Call today to schedule your appointment.

How Does an Extraction from an Oral Surgeon Compare to a Dental Extraction?

You’re given a local anesthetic for both types of extractions in order to numb the area. A dentist will grab the tooth and quickly pull it out, while an oral surgeon has to make an incision in your gum to reach the tooth. Surgical extractions are a form of oral surgery, so you can expect a longer healing time. If you come to us and our dentist determines you need an extraction, he or she will refer you to an oral surgeon.

When Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Unavoidable?

Dental extractions are unavoidable if a tooth is severely decayed or damaged and a root canal cannot save it. Other reasons for tooth removal include loose teeth from advanced gum disease or to make space for orthodontic treatment. If you believe that you need an extraction, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Can Dentists Extract Severely Decayed or Broken Teeth?

If the decay or damage has reached the pulp, which is the innermost part of a tooth, our dentist will decide if root canal therapy is a viable option. If not, our dentist can pull the tooth, alleviating your pain. After your extraction, our dentist will talk to you about your options for replacing the missing tooth to avoid your other teeth from shifting.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Have to Come Out?

As our skeletons have evolved, our jaws have become smaller. However, we still get a third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, that appear in our late teens. With our smaller jaws, there often isn’t room for the teeth, which is why so many people have them extracted. The teeth may become impacted, in which case, we would refer you to an oral surgeon. If your wisdom teeth emerged, but they are pressing into your other teeth or otherwise bothering you, contact our office to make an appointment with our dentist.

What Is a Pediatric Tooth Extraction?

Dentists can extract baby teeth if they have the same problems as adult teeth: decay or damage too severe to repair with a root canal. Occasionally, dentists will have to pull a baby tooth because it won’t fall out in time to allow the adult tooth to emerge. While baby teeth are important for your child’s speech and chewing ability, his or her adult teeth take precedence. If you have a child that needs a tooth extraction, call our office to make an appointment with our dentist. We can put your child at ease and make his or her dental visit a pleasant experience.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction If I Have Advanced Gum Disease?

With advanced gum disease, bacteria attacks a tooth’s support structure. Without treatment, your teeth will eventually loosen and possibly cause you pain. When the roots become exposed, your teeth can become very sensitive. If you have sensitive or loose teeth that are bothering you, call our office to arrange an appointment with our dentist. It’s better to have a dentist extract the loose teeth than simply let them fall out on. This is to avoid infecting the surrounding teeth.

What Are Extractions for Overcrowded Teeth?

If your teeth are overcrowded, our dentist may suggest extractions to create enough space to straighten your teeth and correct your bite with braces. If you need tooth extractions to relieve overcrowding issues, call our office to schedule an appointment.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions After Having a Tooth Pulled?

Smoking, drinking through a straw, spitting and other actions that create suction are highly discouraged because they can dislodge the blood clot forming at the extraction site. Disrupting the clot can lead to a very painful condition called dry socket. Follow your dentist’s directions for taking pain killers and using cold compresses to reduce swelling. You are encouraged to rest after an extraction; if you lie down, be sure to elevate your head. Avoid chewing on the side of the extraction site to keep food out for several days or as directed by your dentist.

How Quickly Do Teeth Extractions Heal?

If you have a dental extraction, you can resume normal activities 24 hours after the extraction. Tooth extraction healing takes about a week. If you had a molar pulled or a surgical extraction, follow the instruction of your dentist or oral surgeon. It may take three to four weeks for a surgical extraction to heal. Eating well, following your aftercare instructions and getting enough sleep will help you heal quickly.

If you would like a pain-free tooth extraction in Pembroke Pines, call our office at (954) 417-6146 to arrange an appointment.

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