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Simple First Aid Tips

If you find yourself or someone you know in a situation where a person has become injured and you can’t get immediate medical attention, it’s essential to know a few important first aid tips so that you can help yourself or others. While simple first aid is designed to help keep the problem at bay until the person can be seen by a doctor, some methods of first aid can also be life-saving.

Cuts, scrapes, or tearing of the skin are some of the most common injuries that people face. If you’ve been cut, use a clean piece of cloth or gauze and apply steady pressure to the cut for at least five minutes. If you’re treating someone else, always wear gloves to avoid possible infection. The wound needs pressure to help stop the bleeding, so be sure that you apply it firmly and steadily. If bleeding is severe, call 911. When a person experiences an injured arm or leg, attempt to have them elevate it above the heart until medical assistance arrives. Always secure the cloth or gauze with a bandage once the bleeding has stopped so it can be covered and do not remove it. Make sure the bandage is not too tight or it could cut off circulation. The key to any cut is to stop the bleeding as soon as possible and then to take steps to prevent infection.

Choking is another common medical emergency that you can assist with, and you may actually save someone’s life. Simple abdominal thrusts can be applied to help dislodge the item causing the choking, but this method should only be used in people over one year of age. First, stand behind the person choking and wrap your arms around their stomach area. Then, create a fist with one hand and place it right above their navel, staying below the ribs, with your thumb and forefinger facing towards you. Grasp your fist with the other hand and pull towards yourself using an inward and upward thrust. You may have to repeat this process several times until the object becomes dislodged from the victim’s throat. Another option is to attempt to dislodge the object by reaching your finger into the person’s mouth and trying to grasp it. Use this method only if you can see the object, and be especially careful that you don’t accidentally push the object further down the throat. If you accidentally cause injury to the person’s teeth or mouth when digging for the object, they should see a dentist as soon as possible to check for any damage to the mouth. If the item is removed, the person should be able to breathe normally, but if you cannot get the object out of the throat or airway, CPR may need to be administered.

Whether it’s in the kitchen or at work, burns are another injury that are prevalent but can be treated with first aid if they’re not too severe. As soon as you experience a burn, hold the area under cool running water. You can also apply a wet towel or compress directly to the burned area. If blistering occurs, cover the blisters with a loose bandage or some gauze held in place by medical tape. Blisters should be treated by a doctor if they are larger than a quarter-inch in size or if they’re on the face or hands. A deep burn will appear white or brown and look dry. For deep burns, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Any burns appearing on over one-tenth of the body or more should be treated by emergency medical personnel. Cover the victim with a sheet or clean blanket until help can arrive in order to prevent hypothermia. Never pop any blisters from a burn. If they happen to break on their own, use an antibiotic cream and cover them with a clean bandage until they’re completely healed. Keep an eye out for tenderness, redness, swelling, or discharge, as these are all signs that the burned area or blister has become infected.

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