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If your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, it’s possible to restore its brightness with professional treatments from a teeth bleaching dentist. With this simple and effective treatment, you can whiten your teeth by several shades.

Why Is In-Office Teeth Whitening So Popular?

Professional teeth whitening treatments help improve the look of your smile, and thanks to powerful bleaching gel, only one treatment is needed. With our powerful, yet safe bleaching gel, it’s possible to remove stains, discoloration, and yellowing to reveal a whiter and brighter smile.

If you have tooth stains and discoloration caused by tobacco use or consumption of certain drinks, including coffee, tea, soda, and red wine, you’re likely a good candidate for professional whitening treatments. Keep in mind that professional whitening will remove most types of stains and discoloration. However, there are various types of stains that will not respond well to treatment. The stains that don’t respond to bleaching include overexposure to fluoride, long-term use of tetracycline, and advanced tooth decay. It is also important to know that dental restorations, like fillings, bridges, crowns and more, aren’t vulnerable to bleaching gel and can’t be whitened.

Professional whitening treatments aren’t permanent, so we recommend touch-up treatments to maintain your whiter smile. These follow-up treatments can be performed with our at-home whitening kit or in our office. When you come in for your consultation, our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and design a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. To schedule your appointment, call our office today.

How Does Teeth Whitening at Home Work?

At-home teeth whitening is a popular option that gives patients the option to whiten their teeth at a time that’s convenient for them. The first step of this process begins with taking impressions of your mouth to design a custom-fit whitening tray that fits the unique shape of your mouth perfectly. The whitening trays look similar to a mouth guard. You’ll fill the trays with our professional-strength whitening gel and wear them for about an hour each day. When worn consistently over a period of two weeks, it’s possible to whiten your teeth up to six shades.

What Are the Costs of Teeth Whitening?

Many different factors can contribute to the cost of teeth whitening, such as how many treatments are needed to whiten your teeth, the level of your tooth discoloration, if any follow-up visits are needed, and whether you choose a take-home whitening kit or in-office teeth whitening treatment. In general, you can expect to pay slightly less for a take-home whitening kit versus an in-office treatment.

It’s important to consider that professional whitening is usually not covered by insurance because it’s categorized as a cosmetic treatment. We invite you to call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. You’ll receive an estimate of your teeth bleaching cost when you come in for your appointment.

Professional vs. DIY Teeth Whitening: Which Should I Choose?

Professional whitening treatments have many benefits in comparison to over-the-counter products. Although over-the-counter teeth whitening products, such as toothpaste, rinses, whitening strips, and whitening trays, may provide some improvement in the color of your teeth, they lack the strength and reliability provided by professional treatments. These types of products can also cause irritation and uneven results when used improperly, and they also aren’t as powerful or as reliable as our professional whitening gel. Having a teeth bleaching dentist supervise your whitening treatment eliminates these types of problems and ensures that your results are safe and reliable.

What Can I Expect During the Teeth Whitening Process?

The specific steps for an in-office teeth whitening treatment can differ based on the whitening system your dentist uses. The standard length of time for an in-office treatment is about an hour. The following details the steps involved in a typical teeth whitening procedure:

  1. Before any other activities, we will perform a teeth cleaning and exam.
  2. Next, you’ll have to smile wide for the camera as we use photos to demonstrate how the whitening has progressed.
  3. At this stage, you are ready for the cheek retractor. The retractor will expose all of your teeth so it is easy for your dentist to access them during the procedure.
  4. The bleaching gel can irritate your gums, so we use a protective liquid to protect them.
  5. When we are done prepping your teeth, the dentist will apply one coat of the bleaching gel directly to your teeth. With each application, the gel is left to sit for a certain amount of time, based on the product used. We will repeat this process a couple of times, depending on your whitening goals.
  6. Your dentist may use a light to activate or enhance the gel.
  7. Throughout the process, your results will be closely monitored.
  8. When your dentist has determined that you have achieved your whitening, he or she will remove the last gel application, rinse your teeth and gums, and take out the cheek extractor.
  9. Your dentist will inform you if you should consider take-home whitening trays for touch ups or come back in a certain amount of time.

If you’ve always wanted a whiter smile, contact our office today to learn more about teeth whitening in Quail Meadows.

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