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If you go to the dentist for a toothache, you might be referred to an endodontist. This type of dentist specializes in diagnosing and treating the pulp of the tooth. In fact, the title comes from the Greek words “endo” and “odont,” which mean “inside” and “tooth” respectively. Call our Advanced Dental Care of Quail Meadows if you need a root canal.

How Are Endodontists Different from Dentists?

Only some dentists are endodontists, but all endodontists can be called dentists. The distinction is that endodontists are experts at saving teeth that regular dentists may not be experienced in fixing. They complete two additional years of training to learn endodontic procedures and therapies to diagnose and treat problems that occur with the soft, inner tissues of teeth. This preparation allows them to help in cases where dentists can’t.

With a dedication to endodontics, a root canal expert in Quail Meadows usually conducts a large number of root canals every week. Since dentists provide a range of preventive care, including fillings and teeth cleanings, they may only do a root canal twice a week. On the other hand, endodontists spend their time dealing with severely damaged teeth and gums.

Since endodontists strive to relieve difficult-to-treat pain, they utilize unique methods during procedures. Endodontists are skilled with sedation techniques and helping you manage your pain. When the procedure is over and you’re healed, you’ll be free of the pain that was causing you distress.

Unlike general dentists, endodontists use special equipment to diagnose and treat tooth pain. With radiographs and three-dimensional imaging, for instance, they’re able to see the inner workings of your teeth. Then, they can see infections and other problems with the pulp. When they treat those problems, they isolate the troubled teeth with small latex sheets or dental dams while protecting the healthy parts of your mouth.

Reach out to us to learn more about procedures from experienced endodontists in Quail Meadows.

Endodontic Treatments: What Are They?

When the pulp in your teeth is damaged from trauma or decay, it’s essential that you get treatment. The reason is because there’s connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels in this soft tissue. An endodontist performs procedures to remove damaged tissue and stimulate healing.

Endodontists complete root canal treatments most often. For this procedure, they remove infected pulp and then disinfect and shape the root canals. They place a sealant into the remaining gap to protect the teeth from other problems. When the discomfort persists or the teeth don’t heal right, they can perform re-treatment.

Unfortunately, a normal root canal isn’t always enough to save a tooth. In this case, surgery is necessary. It can help endodontists discover concealed canals and mini fractures. It’s also effective for treating damage to surrounding bone and removing calcium deposits. For instance, endodontists perform apicoectomies to relieve stubborn infections deep inside teeth. Talk to us to learn more about our treatments for endodontics in Quail Meadows.

What Happens During an Endodontic Appointment?

You’re welcome to our office whether you were referred by your general dentist or found us some other way. If you have a referral, we may want copies of any recent X-rays. If you don’t have recent ones, then we may take x-rays during your appointment.

Upon your initial visit at our practice, we’ll ask you to fill out forms that give us details about your current medications, any dental issues and medical history. Next, our staff will evaluate the affected tooth or teeth and look at your X-rays or other diagnostic results. Our root canal specialist in Quail Meadows will help you understand your options and spend time answering your questions.

Based on the seriousness of your situation, your treatment will occur either on the same day or on a scheduled date. You might receive a prescription for medicine to ease symptoms such as inflammation if you don’t have the procedure the same day.

What happens during your procedure will depend on the problem that needs to be addressed. Since we strive to be the best endodontist in Quail Meadows, we’ll schedule follow-up appointments to make sure that you’re healing properly.

Call Advanced Dental Care of Quail Meadows to Schedule an Endodontic Consultation

It’s vital to your dental health to get treatment as soon as you experience problems with a tooth. Putting off a dental visit could mean the difference between keeping and losing the tooth. When our endodontist in Quail Meadows can’t save it, it has to be extracted and replaced with an implant or bridge. Coming into our office right away can save you from this extra dental work, and you’ll still be able to chew food, smile and talk clearly.

Don’t put off getting your pain or swelling checked. Call our office at (352) 533-4159 so that we can investigate the problem.

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