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While it’s always best to try to save your teeth, there are times when getting a tooth pulled is the best and only option. Many of our patients find the idea of teeth extractions to be a frightening one. If this is you, please know that you have nothing to worry about. Dental extractions are routine procedures that are usually done quickly and without any pain.

What Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

The amount you will owe after your dental extraction will vary depending on the complexity of your case. During your initial examination, our dentist will determine what kind of extraction is necessary, as well as how difficult it will be to remove the tooth. You will then be given an estimate of the cost of your procedure. Check with your dental insurance provider to see how much of your dental extraction surgery will be covered.

What Is Tooth Extraction Surgery?

An oral surgeon performs tooth extraction surgery. It is done on patients who have a tooth that has not erupted through the gum. It is also done in cases where only a small part of the tooth is visible. If your tooth cannot be pulled by one of our dentist’s via grasping and pulling with forceps, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.

Is Having My Tooth Pulled the Only Option?

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged via decay, trauma, or gum disease, then having the tooth pulled is probably necessary. Large cavities and teeth in advanced stages of decay often can’t be repaired. In these cases, your dental extraction will rid you of any pain you have been feeling because of your tooth.

Can My Severely Damaged Teeth Be Pulled by the Dentist?

If the damage to your tooth has not reached past the middle of the tooth, your cracked, broken or heavily decayed tooth may be able to be fixed with a root canal. If this is not possible, our dentist will recommend that the tooth be pulled. Having the tooth removed will relieve you of any discomfort you have been experiencing. Afterwards, your dentist will discuss with you options for replacing the tooth so that your other teeth will not begin to shift position.

Why Are Baby Teeth Pulled?

If your child has an adult tooth coming in that is being blocked by a baby tooth, our dentist will want to remove the baby tooth to make room for the new tooth. Other instances where our dentist may want to pull a baby tooth include when a baby tooth has a deep cavity or a severely infected tooth. Contact our friendly team of dental professionals to schedule an appointment for your child.

Why Are Extractions Sometimes Necessary When You Have Gum Disease?

In the advanced stages of gum disease the teeth become loose. This is because the disease attacks the ligaments that hold the teeth in place within your mouth. If your loose teeth are causing you pain, a dental extraction may be the best option for relieving your discomfort.

What Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that appear during the late teenage or early adulthood years. Most patients do not have large enough jaws to accommodate this extra set of teeth. When wisdom teeth grow in, they often become trapped (also known as impacted) beneath the gums. This can lead to infection, severe pain and even problems with your jawbone. When this happens, your dentist will refer you to see an oral surgeon, who will surgically extract the wisdom teeth. This is a commonly performed procedure.

Why Do I Need to Have Teeth Extracted for My Braces?

If you have too many adult teeth and not enough room in your mouth for them, they often grow in crooked. In order to make room for braces, your dentist may recommend that one or more of your teeth be extracted so that your teeth can receive orthodontic treatment.

Will I Need to Do Anything After My Extraction?

After your tooth removal, you will be provided with instructions as to how to properly care for your extraction site. This will include not partaking in any strenuous activities for 24 hours after your procedure. It is imperative that you follow all instructions that your dentist gives to you. This will ensure that the site will clot properly and lead to your mouth healing in the exact manner that it should. Your dentist will also provide you with instructions on pain management.

How Long Will It Take for My Extraction Site to Heal?

The amount of time that tooth extraction healing takes will depend on how complex your case was, as well as how carefully you follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions. Most extractions sites heal within a week; however, molar extractions can take longer to fully heal. Extractions performed by an oral surgeon often take longer too.

If you’re in need of a highly qualified dentist who can perform your tooth extraction in Orlando, pick up the phone and call us at (321) 594-2624.

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