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Sometimes, a patient will have teeth that are badly damaged from decay, trauma, infection, or another reason. Although we do our best to save the tooth, we might suggest an extraction when needed. If you need a tooth extraction in Riverview, we’ll do our best to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible and that your tooth extraction is as painless as possible.

What Should a Tooth Extraction Cost Me?

During your first appointment at our office in Riverview, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine the type and amount of work you’ll need. If you have dental insurance, be sure to let us know as that may defray some of the cost. We’ll provide you with a cost estimate for your tooth extraction in Riverview.

Is a Surgical Extraction the Same as a Tooth Extraction?

If you have a tooth that hasn’t completely appeared through the gum, we may recommend that you see an oral surgeon. If there’s not enough tooth visible, our dentists can’t do an extraction, so the tooth will need to be surgically removed. Oral surgery is a specialty field of dentistry, meaning we’ll probably refer you to a specialist.

Is Having My Tooth Extracted the Only Option?

Although we always try to save a patient’s tooth, sometimes getting a tooth pulled is the only feasible option. A tooth that is badly decayed, or that’s cracked or broken, may not be salvageable and extraction may be the only alternative. An extraction will also alleviate the pain you’re probably feeling. If you’re experiencing severe dental pain, call our office in Riverview to make an appointment.

Do I Need an Oral Surgeon to Remove My Cracked, Broken or Severely Decayed Teeth?

If the decay in your tooth has reached the root, you’ll most likely need a root canal and we can refer you to an oral surgeon. If your teeth are broken off and there’s not enough remaining to perform an extraction, we’ll probably refer you to an oral surgeon. Otherwise, we’ll probably be able to perform a dental extraction which will greatly ease your pain. After your procedure, we’ll recommend some options for replacing your missing teeth.

Do Baby Teeth Ever Need Extracted?

A baby tooth can become severely decayed and need to be extracted. Sometimes, a baby tooth won’t fall out on its own and will impede the appearance of the adult tooth. In these instances as well as some others, we may need to perform an extraction on your child’s baby tooth. Our dentists are very skilled in pediatric dentistry. If you call our dental office in Riverview, we would be happy to help you schedule an appointment for your child.

I Have Advanced Periodontal Disease, Do I Need an Extraction?

If you have periodontal disease, your teeth may loosen because the disease attacks the ligaments that secure your teeth in place. An extraction can alleviate your pain and we can provide you with options to replace your missing teeth. Call us in Riverview for more information or to make an appointment.

Do I Really Need My Wisdom Teeth?

Many people don’t have enough room in their jaw to accommodate another set of molars. You may notice that other teeth become crowded and painful. Wisdom teeth can cause swelling, inflammation, and pain. If you’re having issues with your wisdom teeth, call us in Riverview to schedule an appointment for teeth extractions. If your molars haven’t fully erupted and you’re having problems, we can refer you to an oral surgeon.

What Can Be Done About Dental Crowding and Crooked Teeth?

If you have more teeth than you have room in your jaw, your teeth may grow in crooked or start to crowd. Having one or more teeth pulled can alleviate the problem and make room for the other teeth. This is especially important if you’re planning to get braces.

Must I Follow Those Aftercare Instructions When I’ve Had A Tooth Extraction?

After your dentist has completed your dental extraction, you’ll be given a list of instructions and it’s vital that you follow them in order for the extraction site to heal properly. Also included will be procedures for managing discomfort or swelling. If you have any issues or any questions about having a tooth pulled, be sure to call us in Riverview and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

What Should I Expect for Tooth Extraction Healing Time?

Typically, it takes about a week for an extraction to fully heal, but if you’ve had a molar removed or had oral surgery, your healing time may be longer. Be sure to call our office in Riverview if you have any questions or concerns.

If you need tooth removal or other dental work in Riverview, call our office at (813) 280-0121 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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