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You may have trouble talking or chewing if some of your teeth are missing. You could find a solution in implant-supported dentures. Getting affordable quality implant-supported dentures can remove the worry of being unable to perform daily activities.

What’s a Denture Implant?

Implant-supported dentures are just how the name sounds: dental devices that use implants as support for dentures. On the contrary, traditional dentures lay on your gums without support, so they often slip or fall out of place when you talk and chew. When you have plenty of bone to support implants, implant dentures could be a more effective teeth replacement option. Most of the time, our dentists recommend no-slip dentures for the lower jaw, but we can also make them for the upper jaw.

How Do Implant-Supported Dentures Work?

Ball-retained and bar-retained are the two most-used implant-supported dentures. Ball-retained dentures use sockets to connect to the round attachments on implants. Bar-retained dentures feature clips on an arched metal bar that connect with the implants. Both of these use acrylic bases that are designed to blend in with your real gums. The artificial teeth can be porcelain or acrylic, but they mimic what your natural teeth look like.

The procedure for fitting implant-supported dentures usually needs two visits with the dentist. The implant posts will be embedded into your jawbone during the initial visit. When your gums and jaw have healed, we’ll be able to connect the replacement teeth and dentures during the second visit. Sometimes cutting open the gums is necessary to expose the posts. Ask your dentist beforehand if you’ll need this additional step during the treatment process.

How Much Is a Denture Implant?

Your implant-supported dentures cost will differ from other patients. Some things that affect your cost are the type of denture, amount of implants required, insurance benefits, and the number of follow-up appointments needed. Talk to our dentists during your consultation to find out how we can make the cost of denture implants affordable for you.

What Benefits Do Implant-Retained Dentures Afford?

Getting implant-supported dentures in Riverview is often a better choice compared to traditional dentures. They don’t just lay on your gums, which eliminates the soreness that regular dentures typically cause. Since they’re anchored to posts in your jaw, implant-supported dentures are also more stable and reliable.

How Should I Care for a Denture Implant?

You can care for implant dentures in the same manner as your natural teeth. When you brush, use a toothbrush with soft bristles, and hold it at an angle while you make horizontal movements. You can use a proxabrush if you have trouble getting around the tips of the implant-supported dentures. Flossing every day is also important, and a threader can help you clean in tight spots.

Why Get Implant-Supported Teeth?

Do you want an alternative, permanent option to regular dentures? Affordable quality implant-supported dentures can give you a reliable smile. Make an appointment with our office to learn more about our implant-supported dentures treatment.

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