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What Is Root Canal Treatment?

If the soft tissue or pulp inside of your tooth has an infection, injury, or exposure because of decay, you might be suffering from a significant amount of pain that hinders chewing and other functions. Endodontic therapy or dental root canal treatment is a surgery that eliminates the pain by removing the pulp.

When Is It Necessary to Get Root Canals?

Your tooth can’t heal infected or damaged tissue on its own. For that reason, you might need root canal therapy in order to save the tooth. It’s time to seek treatment when you experience any of the following symptoms, such as:

  • sensitivity to touch, cold or heat
  • pain when chewing
  • gum tissue swelling around the affected tooth
  • persistent, moderate to severe pain
  • sleeplessness because of the pain
  • tooth discoloration or deep cavities

Are There Different Kinds of Root Canals?

The most common endodontic procedure is a molar root canal. However, it’s an effective treatment for all of your teeth, including those in front. When prior therapy isn’t successful, an apicoectomy is an alternative treatment that removes the tip of the tooth root. Another alternative is a pulpotomy to remove diseased tissue but leave the nerve intact.

Where Is the Endodontic Procedure Performed?

Most of the time, patients don’t need to see specialists or endodontists for root canals. General dentists can usually perform the treatment. However, you might need to see an endodontist if you have a complicated case or need secondary therapy. Contact our office to see a root canal dentist with the qualifications needed to perform the surgery.

What’s Involved in Getting Endodontic Therapy?

A root canal procedure only takes one or two hours to complete. It consists of the steps outlined below, but your situation may vary so check with your dentist before the procedure to confirm the steps included.

  1. The dentist numbs the affected tooth with anesthetic so that you don’t feel pain.
  2. We place a small shield in your mouth to isolate the tooth and maintain a clean area.
  3. The dentist accesses the pulp chamber by creating an opening in the crown.
  4. We remove the pulp and clean and shape the canals with special instruments.
  5. The dentist puts fluid into the canals to disinfect and remove any other debris.
  6. Gutta-percha, a rubber substance, is used to fill the canals, and then we seal them.
  7. The dentist secures a root canal crown over the tooth to prevent further decay or fracturing.

Is Recovery for Endodontic Treatment Painful?

It might sound painful to get a dental root canal. However, we keep you comfortable during the process with local anesthetic. If you experience pain or other side effects afterward, don’t hesitate to get help. Dial our office for a checkup and relief.

Root Canals: What’s the Cost?

Your root canal cost depends on several factors, including the amount of damage that you have and any preparatory work that must be completed beforehand. The affected tooth is also a factor because front teeth typically have just one root, which is cheaper than cleaning out a molar that usually has four roots. Needing to see an endodontist will increase the cost too. Furthermore, your specific insurance policy will affect your out-of-pocket costs. Schedule a consultation with us to receive a cost estimate after an initial assessment.

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