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Dentists always try to save natural teeth, but sometimes, an extraction is necessary. If you find out you need to have a tooth pulled, don’t worry. The procedure may sound painful, but it really does not hurt. You may feel pressure, but no pain.

How Much Does a Simple Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of having a tooth extracted will vary depending on several factors, including where the tooth is in your mouth and how difficult it will be to extract. If you are covered by dental insurance, your plan may cover part of the cost. Call us to arrange an appointment and our dentist can tell you your expected cost after a thorough examination.

What’s the Difference Between a Simple and a Surgical Extraction?

Surgical extractions are more complicated than simple extractions performed by a dentist. Our dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon if the tooth is difficult to reach because it broke at the gum line or it is impacted.

Are There Situations When I Would Have to Have a Tooth Extracted?

If our dentist can’t restore or repair your tooth, he or she will recommend an extraction. Extracting the tooth will relieve your pain. Our dentist will go over your options for a dental bridge or an implant to replace the extracted tooth. Leaving a space in your mouth is detrimental to your oral health.

Can I Have a Severely Damaged Tooth Pulled?

Our dentist will attempt to repair and restore your tooth, but, if the tooth can’t be restored, our dentist can extract it for you. After your extraction, our dentist will explain your choices for replacing the tooth with either an implant or a dental bridge.

Are Baby Teeth Extractions Ever Necessary?

Our dentist prefers to save baby teeth to preserve a space for the adult tooth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best option. If your child has extensive decay and a root canal isn’t possible, our dentist will extract the tooth and stop your child’s pain. Our dentist may also pull a baby tooth if the tooth is damaged from trauma and he or she cannot save it. If you need a dentist experienced at making children feel comfortable and relaxed to pull one of your child’s teeth, contact our office to make an appointment for your child.

Will I Need Extractions with Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

With untreated advanced gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, bacteria gets into the space between your teeth and gums, loosening their hold on your teeth. If the disease also affects the jawbone, your teeth will become loose and hurt when you chew. Advanced gum disease may expose the root of your tooth, making it very sensitive. If this happens, our dentist can remove your teeth to relieve your pain and reduce the risk of infection. Contact our office to make an appointment.

Can I Get a Tooth Extraction If My Teeth Are Too Crowded?

When your teeth are crowded because your jaw isn’t large enough to hold them, you may need several teeth extracted so your remaining teeth have room to straighten out. Having several teeth extracted before getting braces is fairly common. If you need a tooth extraction before getting braces, call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

What Are the Tooth Removal Aftercare Instructions?

After getting a tooth pulled, it is essential you follow your dentist’s instructions for the first 24 hours so a blood clot will form at the site. The clot prevents any food or debris from entering the extraction site. Don’t drink with a straw, smoke or spit. Rest the first day with your head elevated. Your dentist will suggest either OTC or prescription pain relievers, although any discomfort, including swelling and minor pain, should disappear in two to three days.

Is the Tooth Extraction Healing Time Long?

Expect the dental extraction site to close within a week. The hole in your mouth left by a surgical or molar extraction takes longer to heal, typically, anywhere from two weeks to a month.

If you need a tooth extraction in Sarasota by a dentist who makes for comfort his or her priority, call us at (941) 306-1818 for an appointment.

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