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If you are having dental problems, you will find that dentists always prefer to save natural teeth whenever possible. While your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, there are cases where a tooth extraction is necessary to preserve your oral health.

How Much Does Getting a Tooth Pulled?

When patients learn they need an extraction, they often ask if it will hurt and what tooth extraction cost they should expect. The cost for a simple extraction varies, depending on the tooth’s location and whether it will be easy or difficult to pull. Your cost will also depend on your dental insurance coverage. Call to make an appointment for an examination and your dentist will inform you of the cost for tooth removal in your case.

When Would I Need a Surgical Extraction Instead of a Simple Extraction?

When you have a simple tooth extraction, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic, loosen the tooth with an elevator and then pull the tooth out with forceps. Our dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for a surgical extraction if he or she cannot see a large enough portion of the tooth to grab. In this case, an oral surgeon has to make a cut in your gum to reach the tooth.

Are There Times When a Tooth Extraction Is My Only Choice?

Yes, Our dentist would have to extract teeth where the pulp is compromised by decay or an injury and they cannot be saved by a root canal. Extracting the teeth will relieve your pain.

Can I Have a Dentist Pull a Badly Broken or Decayed Tooth?

Yes, if our dentist cannot restore your tooth with a root canal and crown, he or she will suggest that you have the tooth pulled. Afterward. he or she will talk to you about tooth replacement options so your remaining teeth don’t shift to fill the open space.

Why Would a Dentist Pull a Baby Tooth That Will Eventually Fall Out Anyway?

Our goal is to protect your child’s oral health. If your child has decay or trauma to their tooth causing him or her pain, our dentist will try to save the tooth, but not all teeth can be restored. If necessary, our dentist will pull the tooth to stop your child’s pain. When you need a dentist who is very good about putting children at ease, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Why Do People with Periodontal Disease Have Teeth Extracted?

Advanced gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. The infection attacks your tissues and bone that hold your teeth tightly in your jaw. If you don’t seek periodontal treatment in time, your teeth will become loose. Our dentist can extract loose teeth to ease your discomfort. Please call us to make an appointment.

Why Should I Have Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Our dentist will suggest that you have your wisdom teeth extracted if they are impacted, in which case he or she would refer you to an oral surgeon. This is fairly common since many people do not have extra room in their jaw for four more molars. If your wisdom teeth do emerge, it is possible they will come in misaligned and damage the surrounding teeth or become infected. If your wisdom teeth have emerged and they are causing you pain, please call us and make an appointment with our dentist. He or she can pull wisdom teeth that are visible.

Is an Extraction a Good Solution for Crowded Teeth?

Yes, crowded teeth are very difficult to clean properly. If overcrowding pushed your teeth out of alignment, our dentist can extract as many teeth as necessary before you get braces. Please call our office if you need an appointment for extractions.

What Aftercare Instructions Will I Receive After an Extraction?

We will provide you with instructions before leaving our office. Do not smoke, drink through a straw or rinse your mouth in the first 24 hours after having an extraction. A blood clot forms at the extraction site and it is important not to dislodge it. Additionally, you shouldn’t lie flat the first day; keep your head elevated. Don’t chew on the affected side of your mouth for a few days.

How Long Does Tooth Extraction Healing Typically Take?

You can expect a dental extraction site to heal in about one week if you follow the aftercare instructions from your dentist. Surgical extractions often take up to four weeks to fully heal. Eat well and get plenty of sleep as this will aid in your healing.

Please call our office if you need a dentist for a Tooth Extraction in South Ocala. We will schedule a convenient appointment for you. We look forward to meeting you.

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