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Are you searching for a qualified dentist who can provide dental cleaning and a complete dental exam in Tampa? Do you need a respected dentist who can boost your smile and provide you with the care and treatment that protects your dental health? Discover the local dentists who help you eat without pain, speak with ease and feel proud of your smile. We offer a wide variety of vital dental services and therapies, including comprehensive dental exams, teeth cleaning, oral health treatment and care for all stages of gum disease.

We treat you with compassion and respect, regardless of how long it’s been since your last dental visit. We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable with us, whether you’re calling us to ask a question or you’re having a dental exam.

During your first exam, our dentist will evaluate your overall dental health and examine your teeth, gums and mouth. Your dentist will be assessing:

  • Whether you have any tooth decay
  • If your teeth have worn down in spots, which is evidence of teeth grinding
  • If you have any signs or symptoms of oral cancer
  • Your bite alignment
  • Whether your gums are healthy
  • The presence of root or bone decay
  • Whether you have any teeth that need restoration or replacement.

We’ll also give you some tips for keeping to a thorough dental hygiene routine at home so you can keep your teeth sparkling clean between visits. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our skilled dentist.

What’s the Benefit of Professional Teeth Cleanings?

If you meticulously brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, you may be wondering why you need to worry about finding a dentist for teeth cleaning in Tampa. While brushing and flossing daily does help to remove millions of bacteria caused by eating and drinking, it’s easy to miss areas that are hard to reach. Whether you miss a spot or two, or you skip a day of brushing, the plaque that remains on your teeth builds up, forming a hard material called calculus. Calculus, also known as tartar, erodes your tooth enamel and is one of the major causes of tooth decay. Once you have calculus buildup on your teeth, only a professional cleaning can remove it. Our hygienist uses a dental scaler to scrape these hard calculus deposits from your teeth, leaving your teeth feeling clean and smooth.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Because gum disease presents a severe threat to your oral and medical health, your dentist will probably recommend immediate treatment. Gingivitis is the most mild form of gum disease, causing your gums to bleed when you brush your teeth and to feel sensitive and swollen. Treatment for gingivitis is usually accomplished with a deep cleaning of your teeth. This cleaning removes the disease-causing plaque and calculus from your teeth.

If gingivitis isn’t caught early, the disease can work its way under the gum line where it damages the ligaments and bone that support your teeth. Periodontal treatment for periodontitis is more arduous than with gingivitis, involving scaling and root planing the teeth to remove the bacteria from beneath the gum and around the root of the tooth.

Whether you have gingivitis or periodontitis, it’s important to call our office to schedule a dental exam and gum disease treatment right away.

Where Can I Find Help for Bad Breath?

Nearly everyone has had the experience of feeling like there’s a bad taste in their mouth or a foul odor coming from their mouth. Bad breath isn’t something you should shy away from discussing with your dentist. More than one in every four Americans suffers from chronic bad breath, often caused by gum disease, tooth decay or poor oral hygiene.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with bad breath. We offer a number of remedies depending on the cause of your condition. If gum disease is the culprit, our dentist may recommend professional teeth cleanings, at-home hygiene methods or periodontal disease treatment. If you are troubled by your bad breath, don’t wait. Give us a call today.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Test?

During your first dental exam at our office, our dentist will perform an oral cancer screening. During this screening, your dentist is looking for abnormal tissue, bumps, patches of discoloration and any other abnormality that can be a warning sign of oral cancer. Your dentist may also feel around your face, cheeks and throat to detect any suspicious lumps. These screenings are vital because early-stage oral cancer is usually symptom-less, allowing the disease to spread before it’s noticeable to you.

We know you’ll find that we’re a dental practice you can trust for all of your oral health needs, beginning with a thorough dental exam in Tampa. Call us now to discover how easy it is to take charge of your smile’s health.

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