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If you need practical solutions for missing teeth or damaged and broken teeth, dentures could be a good option for your needs. At our dental office, we can provide you with implant-supported dentures in Temple Terrace that are designed specifically to resolve these issues and to provide you with a permanent replacement for your missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures are available in configurations to replace just a few teeth or an entire upper or lower row of teeth. This can help you to look your best and to feel more confident in your everyday social encounters.

Are Implant-Supported Dentures Tooth Replacement Solutions?

Implant dentures differ from traditional denture options because of the way they connect with your mouth. Regular dentures are designed to use wires, pressure or dental adhesive to connect with adjacent teeth or with upper or lower gums. Implant-supported dentures, by contrast, attach directly to implants that have been placed into the jaw. This can provide solid support and added stability for teeth during biting, chewing and conversing with others.

What’s the Procedure for Getting Implant-Supported Dentures Installed?

We offer affordable, quality implant-supported dentures for patients in our area. These denture options are designed specifically to provide added help for people who may be concerned about the risk of embarrassment that could result from dentures falling down or slipping out of place during a meal or a conversation. Implant-supported dentures can eliminate that possibility and can provide greater confidence for our patients.

The procedures used for these dentures usually include an evaluation of your jaw to determine how much bone loss has occurred. This can allow your dentist to determine whether you are a good candidate for implants and permanent dentures. We will also let you know about any necessary extractions and will provide you with a detailed description of the procedures necessary to complete the application of your permanent dentures.

The implant process can typically be completed in one appointment. After that, you will need to wait an average of three to six months to allow your implants to heal and to fuse with the bone in your jaw. Once this waiting period is over, we will apply your dentures to your implants, allowing you to smile, bite, chew and speak with greater confidence every day.

What Will Implant-Supported Dentures Cost in Temple Terrace?

Are you concerned about the potential cost of denture implants? Our dental team can provide you with accurate estimates of the cost of these procedures. We accept almost all dental plans and will work to reduce the amount you will pay out of your own pocket, allowing you to minimize the expense associated with your new implant-supported dentures. By working with us, you can enjoy affordable, quality implant-supported dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

At our dental practice, we will explain all the benefits of your treatment plan and will provide you with the expert guidance you need to make the right choices for yourself and your family. Some of the most important advantages of an implant denture include the following:

  • Your new teeth will look and feel similar to natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy the greatest degree of comfort and the most attractive appearance after your procedure is complete.
  • The stability and strength of your implants will provide you with added security and an increased sense of confidence when you speak in public or share a meal with friends, family or colleagues in a restaurant or other public arena.
  • Your implant denture is easy to clean and provides you with added convenience when managing dental hygiene tasks.

These benefits can often outweigh the added costs associated with these advanced treatments, but you will have to make that determination after coming in for a consultation with one of our dentists. We will work with you to provide the right solutions for your needs.

How Do You Care for Implant-Supported Dentures?

Your implants may require special care during the prolonged healing process. Implant dentures can usually be brushed normally and require regular checkups to ensure that they remain seated correctly. If you notice any damage or looseness, contact our office right away to schedule an appointment with our team of implant dentists. This can prevent any further damage to these dental appliances.

Why Select Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you want the absolute security of knowing that your dentures are permanently affixed to your jaw, implant denture options are your best choice for increasing your confidence and providing you with the most comfortable fit and function. Call our office today to discuss your needs with one of our implant specialists. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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