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Every day, throbbing toothaches and sudden tooth fractures send their victims on a Google search for “emergency dental care near me.” Knowing where to get emergency dental care when you have a dental emergency is the key to getting fast relief and preventing long-term damage to your dental health.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist?

When an unexpected dental problem stops you in your tracks, you don’t have to suffer. Our
emergency dentists in Brandon can provide prompt, professional emergency dental care when you need it most. When you contact our emergency dental office during business hours, we’ll make every effort to ensure that one of our emergency dentists sees you as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis, relieve your symptoms and determine if further treatment is required to prevent a recurrence.

What Treatments Do Emergency Dental Services Include?

The scope of emergency dental services covers any procedure or treatment needed immediately to: relieve the symptoms of a painful toothache, stabilize tooth structure, provide temporary restorations or treat other conditions that could become serious if treatment is delayed. We provide urgent dental care for many types of dental problems during regular business hours. Our emergency services include the following:

  • Treatment of toothaches, dental injuries and other sources of tooth pain and pressure
  • Treatment of wisdom tooth pain or swelling
  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • Filling and crown restoration
  • Emergency repair of chipped, fractured or knocked-out teeth
  • Pain, injury, broken brackets or displaced wires caused by orthodontic braces
  • Treatment of tooth abscesses and other dental infections

When Should I Obtain Emergency Dental Treatment?

I may need emergency dental care, but I’m not sure. When should I try to find emergency dental care near me?

You should consider obtaining emergency dental care services if you’re experiencing any of the following problems.

Tooth Fracture or Break

If not treated promptly, a fractured or broken tooth can lead to infection or significant structural damage. If your tooth has a rough or jagged edge, placing dental wax over the sharp area can help prevent mouth injuries.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Emergency dentists may be able to re-implant your knocked-out tooth if you get treatment in time. If a tooth is completely dislodged, locate all fragments. Rinse the tooth gently with lukewarm water while holding it by its crown. Try to replace it into the empty socket. If this isn’t possible, store it inside your mouth, and call us for advice and instructions.

Toothache or Pressure Sensations

Toothaches have a variety of causes, and some are serious. Never ignore severe tooth pain, especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, pressure, ear pain or jaw pain.

Sensitive Teeth

Mild tooth sensitivity isn’t an emergency, but if your sensitive teeth worsen suddenly, the problem could be due to a fracture or infection that requires urgent dental care.

Cavities or Decay

Extensive dental decay often causes deep cavities to form. Eventually the decayed tooth’s root is exposed, which often results in a severe toothache. Our skilled emergency dentists can relieve the pain associated with deep cavities and develop a treatment plan to repair the damage.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a serious infection that forms at a tooth’s root. Symptoms may include severe tooth pain, sensitivity, halitosis, swollen neck glands and fever. The abscess may appear as an open or draining sore on your gum tissue. If you have symptoms of a tooth abscess, contact our emergency dental office immediately. Delaying treatment may lead to serious complications.

Lost Fillings or Loose Fillings

A lost or loose filling can cause sensitivity and pain and leave your tooth vulnerable to decay and fractures.

Broken Crowns and Lost Restorations

Like a loose filling, a broken crown leaves your tooth at a higher risk for structural damage. Our emergency dentists can provide either temporary or permanent restorations to keep your smile healthy and intact.

Orthodontic Injuries or Discomfort

Orthodontic braces may cause pain or injury when wires become displaced or brackets broken. We can stabilize your braces and relieve any pain or discomfort associated with them.

Tooth Enamel Damage from Teeth Grinding

Over time, grinding your teeth can wear down your tooth enamel. If symptoms become noticeable, it’s important to address the problem to prevent further injury to your teeth. Our emergency dentists can strengthen worn enamel and provide protective devices to prevent further damage.

Sinus Pressure

Your sinuses and your teeth have a complicated relationship. If you experience sinus pressure along with tooth pain, it’s important to determine if a dental problem such as an infection or an impacted tooth is causing the symptoms.

Dealing With Serious Problems

My symptoms are severe and potentially dangerous. Should I contact an emergency dental office near me or call 911?

While our emergency dentists in Brandon can handle most common dental emergencies, some symptoms and conditions require advanced, immediate medical treatment to prevent serious health consequences. If you experience severe swelling of your face or gums, severe or uncontrollable bleeding or an injury to your face, head, or jaw, proceed to your nearest emergency room or dial 911 to obtain medical assistance immediately.

What Does an Emergency Dentist Visit Cost?

The cost of a dental emergency visit depends on many factors including the severity of your condition and what treatments are necessary to resolve it. For example, treating a condition that requires surgery will be more expensive than one that only requires an exam and prescription medication. Our emergency dentists accept most insurance plans. We also offer multiple financing options and accept most major credit cards.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Obtaining emergency dental care without insurance can strain your budget, but our DentRite® discount plan can make it easier. DentRite® isn’t dental insurance; it’s a discount savings plan that can reduce the cost of many routine dental procedures by 20 to 70 percent and help you save 20 percent on all other dental services such as root canals, fillings and even cosmetic procedures.

It’s a weekend night, and I need help now. Should I wait to visit an emergency dental office near me?

If you experience severe symptoms after-hours or on a weekend and you think that you may have a serious condition, it’s best to call 911 or seek care at a hospital emergency room. In some cases, delaying treatment can cause avoidable complications. If your emergency occurs during our business hours, please give us a call and one of our skilled emergency dentists in Brandon will see you as soon as possible.

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